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DragonByte Security 4.5.3

Change log

Change: Expired sessions are now deleted via a Cron job instead of on session start

Release notes

This version changes the way sessions are handled in order to improve performance.

DB Security stores a copy of some session information in order to support the ability to disconnect sessions via the "Privacy & Security" settings, as well as some other features.

In prior versions, old DB Security sessions would be deleted any time a user started a new session. This was done in order to ensure that no-one could hijack a session or no-one could still be logged in with an expired session.
However, this doesn't scale well for large forums with a large amount of sessions. In this version, old DB Security sessions are now expired using a hourly cron job, and any code that previously looked for DB Security sessions has been updated to also check for expiry.

None of these changes affect the built-in XenForo session system.