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DragonByte Mail 4.4.0b1

Change log

Feature: Ability to limit the maximum number of emails per hour
Fix: Support ThemeHouse UI.X themes when the navbar is configured to appear on the right hand side of the navbar

Release notes

This version adds a single major new feature; the ability to limit the maximum amount of emails your forum sends in an hour.
To be clear, this affects all email across the whole of your XenForo installation, so long as all 3rd party add-ons use XF's own email feature.
This means if you are running your site on a shared host, or your web host is limiting the amount of email sent, you can now effectively control this within XF.

Given that this feature touches upon functionality we have no control over (email sent by XF & other add-ons), this feature is disabled by default and is why this version is flagged as a Beta version.

It has been successfully running on another website for almost a full month now, but a sample size of one isn't exactly statistically significant 😅