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DragonByte Mail 4.3.0b3

Change log

Feature: Added a setting to control whether BBCode is parsed in the digest
Feature: Ability to only include threads posted since the last time the user received the digest
Feature: A date stamp showing the last time the user was reminded of inactivity has been added to the inactive users list
Feature: Ability to override certain email-related registration defaults only if the user opts in to receiving site emails during registration
Feature: The snippet length can now be controlled per content type
Change: Merged registration defaults into the core setting
Change: Inactivity emails will now default to off
Change: Category checkboxes will now be readonly in the digest settings for threads
Fix: Work around race condition where a subscription entry would be wrongly inserted
Fix: Fixed an issue where new digest content or user settings would not correctly take on the default value
Fix: Fixed Amazon SES compatibility with the unsubscribe feedback notification email

Release notes

Welcome to the third beta version of DragonByte Mail v4.3.0 🎉

This version contains mostly feature improvements and changes to address feedback from Beta 1. The most notable change is that it is now possible to disable BBCode from being included in the Digest preview. In certain cases, BBCode could display incorrectly in email, so if that is a problem for you, you can turn BBCode off.

An incompatibility with Amazon SES with the notification for unsubscribe feedback has also been addressed, among other bugs.

The registration defaults have also been changed, no longer requiring an entirely separate setting. The toggles can be found inside XF's own registrationDefaults setting.