DragonByte Mail 4.3.0b1

Change log

Feature: Threads now display a rich preview of the first post, along with other metadata
Feature: Users can now choose which forums should be included in their personal digest
Feature: "User has been inactive for at least X days" user searcher criteria
Feature: "User has been inactive for less than X days" user searcher criteria
Change: Changed the way digest settings are stored to allow for other content types to be included in the digest in the future
Fix: Fix pagination of the mailing list users in the AdminCP
Fix: The Manage Keyword Subscriptions page in the front-end would only work for administrators
Fix: Fixed an issue where Branding Free copies could produce a server error when sending a Mailing List email
Fix: Fix a race condition where a duplicate key error could be generated from the mail tracking
Fix: Fix an issue where certain digest criteria would not save correctly

Release notes

Welcome to the first version of DragonByte Mail v4.3.0 🎉

This version is focused on improving the Digest feature, adding rich previews for the content being included as well as setting it up to allow more content types in the future.

You can see a preview of how the threads will look here:

Users will be able to choose which forums their personal digest should pull from, within their access permissions of course.

Furthermore, various bugs reported since the previous version have also been fixed.