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DragonByte eCommerce 3.2.0

Change log

Feature: Filtering the AdminCP product list uses AJAX and not just filters the single page
Change: Index the tagline into the message body
Fix: Fix an issue where a server error could occur with certain payment processors
Fix: Fix error blocking creation of new products
Fix: changing the title didn't cause the search index to be updated
Fix: "Permanent additional user groups" for a product was not applied when a license is granted via the AdminCP

Release notes

This version contains numerous fixes and improvements, most of which were contributed by @Xon.

The AdminCP product filter has been improved to use AJAX rather than simply filtering the current page, which should make finding the product you're looking for much easier.

A few issues with search indexing has been resolved, which should lead to more reliable search results for products.

The "Permanent additional user groups" setting for a product did not apply when a license was manually applied in the AdminCP.

Lastly, certain payment processors would cause a server error if a valid transaction ID was not found.