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DragonByte eCommerce 1.5.1

Change log

Feature: Inverse criteria for Created Products, Licenses Purchased and Amount Spent
Change: Improve mobile usability by condensing the "Add product" buttons into menu items in the Overview, Category View, What's New (Products) and Author pages
Change: On narrow mobile screens, each product row now takes up the full width of the column
Change: Make it easier for mobile users to tap on the product in the product list
Change: The default icon is now better aligned when showing bigger icons
Change: Renamed "Outdated" phrase to "Update available"
Fix: Order reminder emails would still send after an order was completed
Fix: Fix a few database tables that were not changed on user content change
Fix: Purchasable type is now removed on uninstall
Fix: Certain information was not being logged in the Purchase Log when an order was reversed
Fix: Ensure order reminders are cancelled when the order is deleted

Release notes

This version further improves the recently added functionality for the various criteria forms in XenForo by adding inverse user criteria for Created Products, Licenses Purchased and Amount Spent.

Multiple improvements have also been made to the layout thanks to @Liam W: Browsing the product list sees less wasted space, it is easier for mobile users to tap to navigate to the product information screen, and the default icon's alignment has been fixed.

Lastly, about half a dozen smaller bugs have been resolved.