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DragonByte eCommerce 1.4.0

Change log

Feature: Added a list of versions each individual release applies to when viewing the Releases tab on the product info page
Feature: The "Download" button on the "Licenses" tab on the product info page now appears in all scenarios
Change: Eliminated the "Simplified downloads interface" option and switched its functionality to a style property (controls whether the grouped download interface shows up when clicking a license)
Change: The user who added a download to a product is now stored in the download record
Change: Set version_string as required in the Download entity
Change: Changed the way API calls are made, in order to support the HTTP Proxy feature in XenForo
Fix: PHP 7.4 compatibility fix
Fix: Respect deleted/moderated when displaying list of releases
Fix: Fix errors on install
Fix: Fix for server error in license entity
Fix: When editing products, the global "Enable content tagging" setting was not respected
Fix: Fix a few issues with the download cache for download versions
Fix: Fix alerting on new product update (fall back to product if the download user does not exist)
Fix: The user who added a download to a product will now correctly show in the news feed / update alert
Fix: Fixed an issue where removing the last item from an order would not delete the order itself.
Fix: Fix various issues with the "Generated downloads cache" feature

Release notes

After a successful Beta period, it's time to release the Gold version of DragonByte eCommerce v1.4.0! 🎉

This version contains multiple usability improvements and enhancements. The "Simplified download interface" option has been made obsolete, and its functionality has been merged with the "normal" downloads interface.
This means users will have an easier time downloading their licenses, as download buttons are now more readily available.

Furthermore, when viewing releases on the Product information page, the download versions any given release applies to will now display in the list, reducing confusion for people stuck on older platforms of your product.

This version also contains future-proofing for PHP 7.4 / XenForo v2.1.3.

Lastly, about half a dozen discovered bugs have been resolved.