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DragonByte Credits 5.3.1

Change log

Change: The "Column" field when adding a new currency is now marked as required in the form, preventing database errors in certain scenarios
Fix: Transaction alerts were not correctly listed as depending on this add-on
Fix: Fixed a missing phrase when adding a new currency
Fix: Fixed issues with Richest Users widgets
Fix: Fixed incorrect CLI class name preventing the CLI command from running

Release notes

"Bug fixes and stability improvements"
Now that I've sufficiently triggered everyone who reads their phone app change logs...

This version makes a change that will help prevent a database error where leaving the "Points Column" field blank when adding a new currency could produce a database error.

Furthermore, the CLI command to rebuild currencies was not actually working because the class name and the file name didn't match. Whoops.

Lastly, a few minor other issues reported by our customers have been resolved.
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