Find out everything you need to know about DragonByte Technologies.

You can read all about the benefits of hiring us, and fill out a to request a quote or further communication about custom work, from this page.

With every purchase you receive the right to use the product on your website of installation indefinitely. You are also eligible to download any and all updates for the length of your license. The length of your license determines when you stop receiving access to the newest version. For instance, if you purchase a yearly license of DragonByte Mod v1 on 1/1/2016, and DragonByte Mod v2 is released on 11/11/2016, you would be able to download that. However if DragonByte Mod v3 was then released on 2/2/2017, you would have to renew your license to download v3.

You would be able to run DragonByte Mod v2 on your site forever, even with a year license. Please note that we cannot guarantee a specific number of updates within a time period, a mod may receive 3 updates in 3 months, or zero updates. Typically, the newer a mod, the more often it receives updates.

No. As state above, when you purchase a license you are entitled to use your copy on your registered site indefinitely (forever). However, when your license expires you will no longer have access to updates for that product and will need to re-purchase that license to get further updates and upgrades.
If you have not downloaded the product then you have 30 days to request a refund. You can request a refund by private messaging Fillip H. on the support forums , or using the Contact us form . If you have downloaded the product then we are unable to offer a refund. If you are unsure if you want the product, all of our modifications come with a Lite version to try and we strongly recommend you do so before purchasing. You can get more details on the refund policy in our Terms & Conditions.
Only if specified. Our products are typically only tested with the latest version of vBulletin. Different products are available for vB3, vB4 and vB5. The product page will tell you which vB series the product is available for.
Unfortunately we are unable to transfer licenses between platforms for free. This is because dozens or hundreds of coding hours go into coding the products for new platforms and we would go out of business offering them for free. In the event you own many licenses you wish to transfer you can private message Fillip H. or Cosmic on the forum , or use the Contact us form to discuss making the transfer less expensive.
Unfortunately modifications for vB5 had to be almost entirely recoded due to the huge changes made between vB4 and vB5. This means we have to sell vB5 licenses for our products separately from vB3/4 licenses. n the event you own many licenses you wish to transfer you can private message Fillip H. or Cosmic on the forum , or use the Contact us form to discuss making the transfer less expensive.
Our cart system will automatically give you a discount for spending more in a single transaction, starting at $250. For every $250 you spend at one time, you receive a 10% discount up to 30% off. This also applies during most sales. There is often a maximum discount cap during sales, which is typically 50% in total, regardless of how much you spend.
We will occasionally send out special sales emails to existing customers which have special discounts. These sales are often on a curated list of products which sites with a similar purchase history to your own found useful. The discount amounts in these sales scales based on how much you have spent with us in the past.
You should submit it in a support ticket using the support type "Feature Request." This ensures we see it and it goes into the system as a tracked request.

We look at all feature requests several times. We check them when they are first requested to ensure they are possible. Then we check all outstanding feature requests for a product when we are planning the next update for the product. Feature requests are then internally rated on the following factors:

Popularity: This is how many times this feature or a similar feature is requested, how many likes the request received and how many people commented noting their interest.

Broadness of Appeal: This is how many sites we anticipate would find the feature useful. If your feature request is only useful for sites which use Chinese characters, or for sites which are about growing potatoes, it will receive a low rating here. If the feature would be useful for most or all sites, it gets a high rating.

Work Required: Here we estimate how many hours a feature will take to implement. Each product update receives a certain number of coding hours assigned to it, and we have to choose the features to add carefully to stay within that limit. As a result, features which takes less time receive a higher rating than features which take more time.

Requester: This is the least influential of the categories, however when feature requests have a similar rating based on the other categories, we give preference to loyal customers (those who have been with us for a long time and/or have spent a lot of money with us) and customers who have purchased custom coding work for the product in the past.

Each feature request is given an internal rank based on the above categories and then we implement as many of the requested features as possible in the update. If a feature you request doesn't make it into one update, don't worry, it'll be re-considered during every subsequent update as well.

We cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to data or servers and software when using our products and no form of monetary compensation will be offered. You download and use our products at your own risk, as with most other software.

If you have reason to believe our products will damage your site then we advise you not to install them. We offer professional installation services if you are not comfortable installing our products yourself, however we accept no liability for any damage or issues caused even when using this service.

We are always more than happy to work with you to resolve any issues with our products however, including issues which occur as a result of user error when installing, removing or otherwise interacting with the product.

If you're unsure about a product or its functionality you are able to test it out here on our forums to see how it works and what it can do. You can also download and try the Lite versions from the product information page.
Currently we only accept methods of payment through PayPal. We believe this is the safest and easiest option for our customers and therefore adds protection to our customers. In the future we may add further methods of payment. If we do, we will notify you of the changes via email.
Your license entitles you to run the product on one site. To run it on more, you will have to purchase additional licenses.
The URL you enter is the site that your product is licensed to. You are purchasing the right to use the product on that one website.
Absolutely. If you send us the URL by private messaging either Fillip H. or Cosmic on the support forums , or use the Contact us form, we can check this for you. If the product is not legal, you can purchase one from us.
We do not officially support other mods and cannot offer you support for other mods and integration with them. With that being said we make an effort to have our products work with other popular mods, and we will work with other developers when possible to ensure compatibility.
We cannot guarantee that our mods will work perfectly on your custom layout. Skins which follow vBulletin or XenForo standards perfectly should have no major issues with any of our products. We are happy to give your skin developer any information they require to allow them to make your skin fully compatible with any of our mods.