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Hi, we have your Member Map add on (paid version) installed on our 2.1 Xenforo board and it has worked great for years. All of a sudden we are getting server errors. I'm only marginally tech savvy - any idea why we'd be getting these all of a sudden (seems to have started at the start of the new year). We have made zero changes to our board or settings anytime recently. I doubt it's related but our Xenforo support also just expired. Some example error messages.


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Fillip H.

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GeoIP's requirements for downloading new copies of its database has changed, and the resolution was not backported to 2.1.

I would strongly recommend upgrading to 2.2 at your earliest opportunity, as XF 2.1 versions of our add-ons now only receive security updates due to the difficulty of maintaining two separate add-on branches.

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Hello @jhj8864,

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