Bug TypeError: YAHOO.util.Dom.get(...) is null

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Fillip H.

Staff member
That makes less than 0 sense, you're running vB 4.2.0 so that JS file shouldn't even load... Try disabling the "Integrate Into vB Editor" plugin on editor_toolbar_end.

If that fixes it, then that's indicative that the product is not correctly updated for 4.2.0 and you may run into unexpected issues with it as a result.
Yup that did it.
I don't understand how it is not updated properly. I have not run into any unexpected with core functions and when I did upgrade to 4.2 there were no issues.
I have been holding off upgrading to 4.2.1 until the DBT navbar has been resolved.


Former Developer
The Pro version of vBNavTabs has been in beta and is working as intended for vB4.2.1, I should be releasing it as lite / pro next week if all goes to plan.
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