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As suggested, I'll create a thread for feature request.

I want to be able to sell an item on the shop that can contain a random item from a list that you create. Kinda like Gachapon or things like that. You can have multiple of these random items:

Let's say capsule A can contain item a,b and c. Buying capsule A will either give you a,b, or c. The items a,b, and c are not sellable from the shop (but they can be, if you choose to).

You put another capsule, called B, that can contain b, c, and d. Buying capsule B will either give you b, c, or d, and so on.

This is an important feature for us.
Thanks in advance.
I'm not sure if this is my place to say but I would love to see this feature happen. :)
A gachapon like system may really help appeal vBShop to buyers that loves to play a game of chance for random items.

People love a game of chance (as proven with how Casinos boom) and this may provide the perfect opportunity for them to draw in an audience with that.
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Hi, it's been a while, and I was hoping if there has been any discussions about a gachapon/tcg-like system?
Was it approved and planned, or denied?

I hope I didn't break any rules in bumping something this old, but I am quite fearful that this has been forgotten. :'(


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