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We are using Dragonbyte Gallery with vBulletin 4. What's your roadmap for Dragonbyte Gallery? Do you intend to support vBulletin 5 or any other forum software in the future?

I'm also looking at PHP versions, what's the most recent PHP version that Dragonbyte Gallery supports?

Basically we need a bit of insight into your roadmap so that we can figure out ours :)



Fillip H.

Staff member
There's definitely no plans to support vB5, nobody is developing for vB5 and you should stay far, far away from it.

It's our intention to support every version of PHP that vB4 supports, which in the case for 4.2.5 is 7.1 and below.

As for other forum software, if there was enough demand for it (or we were hired to do so) we would create an importer for the official XenForo 2 Media Gallery add-on. Because of it, there's no plans to actually port our own gallery to any other forum software at this time.

Development focus is on XF2 going forward :)
Thanks. We'd need to add a few hundred categories and about 10,000 photos. When I converted from Gallery2 to DragonByte I basically took the bulk uploader and rewrote it to read the Gallery2 database. Is there a similar bulk uploader in XF2? I looked but I couldn't see one.

Fillip H.

Staff member
I don't actually have access to the XFMG so I don't know if there's a bulk uploader. That being said, the same process that's used for adding images into XFMG can be customised by either us or another developer to be used in an importer from DB Gallery or from whatever other storage method you have :)

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