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Generally, vBCredits II Deluxe should be easy to get started with despite its robust size.

  1. Visit the Event Manager and select the action you wish to award for from the dropdown and click Go.
  2. The form that loads will list all of the options supported by that action, the most common ones listed by default, and the most common values selected by default and can be left alone.
  3. Put the amount you want to award to users for doing that action into the [Action] Amount setting (that is, Post Amount for the Post action, Thread Amount for the Thread action, etc) and save it.
That's all you need to do! :) Repeat as desired. As users trigger those actions, they will get what you put. Once you are happy with your values, you might be interested in checking out how to mass edit users and recalculate transactions here:

Note: unless you set transactions to run immediately in the global settings, users will process transactions gradually as they browse your site to distribute the calculation load that all of the features may have on your server.


  • Define or import existing currencies and use them instead of the default Credits in your events
  • Choose different usergroups of forums for events to apply to, and multiple versions which will be selected during runtime
  • Visit the Action Manager to change Action-specific settings as they relate to their behavior on associated events
  • Establish limits or restrictions on your events by clicking to expand optional advanced settings
  • Award for the sizes of events, such as the number of words in a post or the age of a user on his birthday
  • Set costs to do actions instead of awarding for them, or even charge to post in one forum while earning in the rest
Generally, just read the descriptions on each setting to find out what it does, there are no illegal combination of settings (should there be, the code will detect them and alter the form to prevent you from accidentally doing it). Otherwise, if there is a topic that needs explaining, let me know!
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