Purchasing FAQ


This is a place for frequently asked questions about purchasing from DBTech

Q: I previous bought Inferno vBShout, does that mean i get this one for free?

A: Unfortunately no. Zero Tolerance isn't involved with this company, and it would be unfair of Fillip to have to pay for his actions. If former Itech customers can PM me proof of purchase though, they will be given a 20% discount on certain DBTech products - Iain (Note: Discount on bundles is 10%, and unavailable on any art/icon packs)

Q: Why are there different currency options?
A: We find that people paying directly via card are sometimes charged by their bank for currency conversions. This prevents this.

Q: The exchange rate seems too high/low for X currency?

A: We have set the exchange rates at an average. Sometimes currencies fluctuate, so you might find a certain currency is a few % cheaper or more expensive. It should never be more than one or two pounds though.

Q: What exactly does purchasing get me?

A: Purchasing the product gets you support for life, and access to download the product and any updates for the period of time you select (1 year or 25 years)

Q: Why do i have to enter a URL?

A: The URL you enter is the site that your product is licensed to. You are purchasing the right to use the product on that one website. Multiple websites require multiple products. If we find any websites running our pro products without a license, we will be filing DMCA notifications to the host, and if applicable seeking damages.

Q: I'm not sure if my product is legal, can you check?

A: Absolutely. If you send us the URL we can check this for you. If the product is not legal, you can purchase one from us.

Q: I would like multiple licenses, are there discounts available?

A: Yes, please email Iain at Iain@Dragonbyte-tech.com for details.

Q: Do you do work on commission?

A: It depends on the product. It's something we're open to, but it depends on our schedule at the time.

Q: I've purchased the Pro version, but the version number is lower than Lite?

A: The Pro versions are AddOns to the Lite versions, you install them side-by-side.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.
Q: Do you offer professional installation for installing your mods on my site?
A: Its something we're going to be doing in the future, if you'd like help installing our products please ask and we'll try help you. However in the future this option may not be free. We have done everything possible to make installation of our products as easy as possible and there are detailed guides on how to do so within your product download.

Q: Do you accept postal cash or cheques?
A: Unfortunatly we do not, in the future there may be other means of payment (like uKash) but it is something we will look into, Paypal is the safest means of protecting our customers so we choose to use that method of payment for your safety, dealing with postal cash and cheques puts you at risk should your payment be lost in the post or sent to the wrong address. We hope you understand.