PHP 7 Support for VB4 Mods in Future

I read that VBulletin 4.25 is almost at beta stage and should be released properly in months, not years, from now. This will apparently bring PHP 7 support to VB4. As PHP 7 reportedly has massive speed increases vs php 5.6 I wondered if DB Tech were planning to update all (or at least the bestselling) of their VB4 mods to be PHP 7 compatible, please? If so, any comments on timeframe? Thanks :)


Staff member
As far as I'm aware, all of our modifications already work perfectly fine on PHP 7. While we haven't posted an official announcement, we are currently supporting PHP 7.

Personally, I am using PHP 7 on my local machine, and I've encountered no problems. If you happen to run into any problems I will be happy to fix them :)