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Hello, :)
I want to say that I LOVE this mod and I am planning to use this modification to rank up members instead of post ranks.
I have three feature requests to suggest that is based around this modification where it ranks up members.

1. Limit Point Earnings;
I was hoping to limit or have a maximum possible amount to earn per day for creating posts and threads, etc.
So far, I have noticed that my members have been post spamming for extra points and I really frown on that practice. I've warned them and have given bans. But as new members join and "believe" that they can spam for points, they would do it. So this is a bit problematic for my staff since we're about 5 people vs 170 plus about 1-10 new members per day.
Seeing that I have no way to enforce this on all of my members efficiently, I was forced to disable point earnings for post & thread creations.
For now, members can only earn their points by earning their Awards or winning Contests. :(
However, if I am able to limit it, such as 5 points per day for post creation & thread creation respectively, then they would stop trying to spam posts for thousands of points.

2. Choosing Winners for Contests;
I love the idea that you made for this but I feel that it's also quite restrictive.
I was hoping if you can have an extra feature where we can choose our own winners for custom contests other than the ones you have.
For example, if I wanted to have a logo contest, I can choose the winners and the points can be passed out that way.

3. The ability to give out activity points;
In case #2 is impossible or too difficult; I was hoping that the Admins and/or Moderators (can disable and enable for Mods) can freely give activity points so we we can give as a reward or for custom contests.
For example, if a member has been actively assisting and helping other members, then they should deserve some activity points and I'd love to hand it out to him/her.

I hope the DB Team can consider these suggestions.
Thank you for reading!
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