Idea for DBTech Shop | Virtual Gifts to other members as a means for revenue generation and/or credit sink

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This just crossed my mind while I was thinking of sites like Periscope, Liveme, mobile games and other virtual communities new and old (going back to the MajorBBS/Worldgroup systems) where you could for a pre-determined amount of credits purchase a vanity item (heart, roses, holiday specific, etc.) and have it sent to a selected member which could either go into a personal collection (think tab in member profile that displays all gifts received, by who, when and with any messages sent with it) - etc.

Not only would that be an amazing way to increase cross-member interaction but it could help with site revenue by purchase of credits or required purchase to send a selected virtual gift (people spend billions on virtual items yearly) ..or even as a credit sink, if your site like mine, awards credits for activity... people can horde a lot of credits --- here is a way for them to spend them.

Just a suggestion on my end, but I personally think it would increase this products already high value for communities and push it a step further to being a must have addition to any community driven forum.

Fillip H.

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