Question I don't understand the points, I want to use credits to purchase products

I'm confused about the points, how do i get rid of the points and just use credits,
I thought i could use credits to purchase products

I installed credits & shop together,

then i created a username change product, i put the price as 5000
but there is no option to put the price as 5000 credits, i only see 5000 points
if i click on item currency i only see "points" as choice


how can i sell the product as 5000 credits and not points

i checked in the currencies in advanced settings and chose "integrated currency: credits"

i don't know how to sell my products using credits, and not points,

i looked in all settings, but i am confused

my user has 300,000 credits, but cannot buy username because it says i need 5000 points,

i disabled the points in the Shop options

i disabled the "Points" currency in the Shop area

but still, cannot use credits, there is only "Points" in drop down menu

im not sure where i am wrong
maybe missed another settings?

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Fillip H.

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If you edit the currency configuration for both the Credits and Shop mods to use the same points field, that should do what you want :)
i changed it, but it still doesn't work


my permissions are good

but still, there is no buy option

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oh i see! you have to click on "purchase" text
it was so small i could barely see it

i was expecting a button or something

anyways it doesn't matter, i see it now

ok it worked, i was able to purchase the username change,

but how do i change my username?
there's no setting to input my new username
i clicked on settings but there's no box to input my new username

user1.png user2.png user3.png

does the admin have to change that persons username manually?
it seems like a pain if the admin has to change it manually after someone purchases a username change
the admin didn't even receive an alert
i even put the admins id as alert

but i didnt recieve an alert that a user purchased this,
plus i don't know what name he wants to change it to

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there is no "Username Change (Pre-Defined)"

there is only "Username Change"

the others are username style: "Username Style Change" & "Username Style Change(Pre-Defined)"

i tried move thread product and i see the "configure"

i tried username change with admin account, but same problem, cannot see any "configure"


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