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The following database error occurs when an invalid page number is specified when a user views a thread.

Invalid SQL:

                FROM dbtech_bookmark_entry AS entry
                WHERE entry.contentid IN()
                        AND entry.contenttype = 'post'
                        AND entry.userid = '3'
                ORDER BY entry.dateline DESC;

MySQL Error   : You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ')
                        AND entry.contenttype = 'post'
                        AND entry.userid = '3'
                ORDER BY entr' at line 4
For example, when page 66 (Long Guns Photo Gallery - Page 63) is specified in the URL of a thread that only has 63 pages, the DB error occurs which prevents the page from loading.

This only occurs for logged in users. Guest/non-logged in users don't get the error and last valid page of the thread is displayed. If the mod is disabled, the same thing happens -- the last valid page is displayed.

In case it helps, all logged in users have the Can Bookmark Posts permission set to Yes, while Can Bookmarks Threads is set to No.


I've applied a hotfix to v1.1.3 that should fix this :)
Thanks! I also used the Rebuild Thread Information and Rebuild Forum Information tools under General Update Tools on the Maintenance menu of the admicp and the problem no longer presents itself.

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