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Hello DragonByte support team,

I'm currently using DragonByte Credits for my forum's virtual currency system, and I have a specific requirement that I'd like assistance with. I want to set up a system where members can earn credits at a full rate for creating threads up to a daily limit, but once they've reached that limit, their earnings are reduced to a partial amount (e.g., 25% of the full rate) for any additional threads they create within the same day.

Is there a way to configure DragonByte Credits to achieve this? If so, could you please provide guidance or steps on how to implement this feature?

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Best regards,
You could possibly implement this via some configuration changes;

  • In the XenForo Options, set "Event triggering" to "Best"
  • Define two "Thread" events;
1. One that has "Maximum applications" under "Advanced Options" set to 100 (or whatever you want your daily limit to be) and "Limit period" set to 86400 - this is your full value one
2. One that has the default values (0 and 0) - this is your lower value one

That would in theory mean that once they've reached the limit for the full value one, they should start earning the lower value one. That being said, this hasn't been tested, so please try it on a test version of your site before putting it live.
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