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Im using CometChat for my forums and it allows the addition of links on it's toolbar. Basically I want to add a button for this Bookmark mod so members don't have to go to their Settings page and instead can just click the button and see their bookmarks in a small popup window.

You need to be logged in to see the chat bar.

I added the link
to the chat bar, however it loads the entire page including header, sidebar, etc. Is there a URL I can use that will load only the middle part of the page that displays the actual bookmarks?
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Fillip H.

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Post Bookmarks: bookmark.php?do=profile&action=postbookmarks
Thread Bookmarks: bookmark.php?do=profile&action=threadbookmarks


Those pages load the entire forum page. Is there a way to load the bookmarks only?

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Actually, there's a way to do this, but you need to edit templates. And if you do this, you wouldn't have navigation elements at all on this page.

Anyway, there could be made two templates, one that is called from vB and one that is called from CometChat. How to call different templates, I don't know, but that's something that would do what you want and you'll retain navigation elements.

But, if you could leave without navigation elements (header, navbar and footer), just edit existing template(s) and you'll have a screen as you want.
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