Add Bitcoin as payment(alternative to paypal)


when i try to buy an add-on, it asks for paypal

paypal is for old people, please add bitcoin as another payment for young and cool people




ya i wish he would add it,

paypal is spy, i havent use paypal in many years

bitcoin is freedom, bitcoin is future

i tell everyone buy bitcoin many years ago! no one believe me,

my mother laugh at me and say i am crazy and i am silly, she also hit me often

now bitcoin is $11,381

and i don't give any to my mother, i throw food at her and call her silly


lots of stores online start to accept bitcoin,

i buy amazon gift card with bitcoin

it is easy,

bitcoin will keep going up up up up...

it is good money against censorship

i hope filip add bitcoin so we can buy his add-ons using bitcoin

i dont know if filip even know what bitcoin is,

i think filip is still on the blue pill

i think someday he will wake up,

but usually its takes and event for someone to wake up and take the red pill


you dont find bitcoin, bitcoin find you..

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