1. X

    Question Post redirects

    I was playing around in Google search console (Fetch as Google) to see whether any content was being blocked. I don't include posts in the sitemap but just out of interest I got Google to fetch some random post URLs for example...
  2. chatty

    Question Cookie Control Settings and Caregorys

    Hi there, first : nice addon and and a must have in europe :) Thank you for that. But here ist something that makes a bit confuse . in the Admin CP if u click on the Cookie Management you see many Cookie Categories with stuff in there. In my case my site use not XSRF-TOKEN and no Google...
  3. P

    Question Which sitemap URL for Google Search Console?

    Hello, What URL do I need to enter at Google Search Console and robots.txt? or many make it different, I want to know what is best. Regards
  4. P

    Bug Duplicate Content

    Hello, im from poland, i translate with google translator. since I changed from vbseo to dbseo, my traffic is strongly broken. it has fallen to 70%! google indexes single posts, although it is disabled in the settings. => Page Settings => Include Show Post = OFF. in the robots.txt showpost.php...
  5. O

    Question remove "View single post" In search results

    In the search results of google individual post are displayed. How can I make sure that these are not crawled by search engines? I also do not want the following not to be covered by search engines: forums members memberlist What do I have to adjust? Unfortunately I do not find the function...
  6. I

    Bug Google Traffic has dropped since update to version 2.0.39.

    Hello, I have been using Dbseo for about 1 year and it all went well. But since I upgraded to the 2.0.39 version, my visitor numbers are dropping very strongly. The Google placement is different, my website is no longer well found. I haven't changed anything in the settings. It's a disaster...
  7. H

    Question Error with Google Sitemap

    Hello, In the Google Sitemap Search report, i report an error in a file in my sitemap. Google says: Excessive URL number Your Sitemap contains too many URLs. Create multiple Sitemaps, each containing up to 50000 URLs, and reinstate all Sitemaps. Sitemap...
  8. S

    Question Which code should I enter to enable google analytics?

    Which code should I enter to enable google analytics? When I access dbseo panel, I need to enter an authentication code... where can I get the code?
  9. I

    Question Upgrading from vb3.8 to vb 4.2

    In the process of upgrading from vb3.8.11 to vb 4.2.3 if I export / backup the settings from the 3.8 install will I be able to restore the settings into the 4.2.3 install and keep all the urls etc that are already in google etc or do I have to rewrite them some how? TIA
  10. D

    Bug Double instances of Google Analytics when GA enabled in VBSEO?

    I noticed we had two google analytics codes appearing. After some backtracking, I narrowed it down to the GA side of DBSEO. WHen I turn it off both sets of analytics go away. Any ideas why this might happen?
  11. M

    Google adsense for Vb 5 forum

    Hello i m looking for add ons to add Google adsense in the second page third pages ... etc .. ( repeated ) on all thread pages like VB4 how can i do that ?
  12. A

    Feature Request Google Recaptcha on template STANDARD_ERROR_LOGIN

    For months now we keep getting attacked by an attacker that is using botnets to brute force accounts. While vbsecurity does allow us to limit the number of IP's the attacker can use, your software does not stop the attacks. We need other methods than IP bans to stop the attackers. One idea is...
  13. M

    Question Webmaster tools found errors in the Tags

    Hi Belazor, I have seen that Webmaster Tools of Google found errors "Soft 404" for each tags added in the forum. Is it shown here: What I can do? Thanks in advance.
  14. T

    VbSeo to Dragonbyte SEO

    I am using VBSeo. I want to discontinue it but at same time I dont want URL's to change or to lose organic traffic from google. Is it possible to migrate seamlessly from vbseo to your seo? And are detailed instructions provided?
  15. J

    Feature Request Support for 3.8

    I noticed in your announcement about Cookie Control that you were working on a version for 3.x, Do you have any ideas as to when that's going to be available? Google has a firm compliance date of September 30, 2015 for adsense, and I need to have something in place by then. Thanks!
  16. R

    Bug Errors in sitemaps according to google

    Over the last few days the amount of indexed pages in Google has dropped. The time the red line dropped is around the time I upgraded to the latest version of DBSEO, it may just be a coincidence. I notice there is errors reported in the sitemaps. so looking at this closer, listing the...
  17. H

    Bug Authentication not working

    Some of the people using this have complained that on occasion, it doesn't work. It is a sporadic issue. I believe it happened to me once as well but I rebooted and it worked.
  18. Belazor

    DragonByte SEO v2.0.6 Released

    Hey all, We're releasing DragonByte SEO v2.0.6 in order to add further features to the alerts system added to a previous version of DragonByte SEO. There are now alerts to notify you if you have not yet fully enabled the Google Analytics integration in DBSEO. Completing all the steps allows...
  19. H

    Question Problem with Google Authenticator

    I'm trying to run SEO reports and it is asking me for my Authentication Code from Google. I do have two factor authentication set up on my Google account. Normally the way this works when I access from a different device/location is that I receive a text message with the code or i receive it...
  20. Belazor

    DragonByte SEO v2.0.0 Gold + Lite Released

    Hey all, After an extensive and successful Beta period, we're proud to release DragonByte SEO v2.0.0 Gold to both Lite and Pro customers. DragonByte SEO v2 is the first major update to our widely successful DragonByte SEO product, and features heavy integration with Google's Analytics and...