DragonByte Mail

Create automatic or manual newsletter emails to your members.

DragonByte Mail is a professional mailing list mod with Bounced Mail handling and advanced subscription management features.

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DragonByte Mail is a professional mailing list mod with advanced subscription management features. Additionally, it has a newsletter feature that highlights your most popular threads.

DragonByte Mail is the perfect solution for any forum who wish to send out large quantities of mail to users on a mailing list. It lets admins and users have fine-grained access to subscriptions, and also sends out automated newsletters with powerful algorithms for determining popular content.
Major Features:

Analytics Data Gathering: Data is gathered regarding how many of your users open your emails, and how long they read them for. This can be disabled per mailing list. This data will power advanced delivery features, ensuring maximum engagement with your content.

Automated Newsletters: Your users will receive an email containing the most popular threads since the last newsletter was sent. They can unsubscribe at any moment, or increase/decrease frequency of newsletters, without being logged in.

Automatic "Unsubscribe" Link Creation: A secure link to unsubscribe themselves from the mailing list will be automatically added to the bottom of the mail. It does not require the user to be logged in, so it complies with spam policies set forth by mail providers.

Mail History: Each past sent mail can be viewed at any time from the front-end.

Advanced Subscription Management: Users can quickly and easily (un)subscribe from the mailing list via the mailing list directory, or the admin can manually change the subscription status in the AdminCP.

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General Settings
  • Display Version Number
  • Include In "Details" Link
  • Affiliate ID
  • Enable Modification
  • Reason For Turning The Modification Off
  • Navbar Tab (Disabled / Left side of navbar / Right side of navbar with the Alert tab)
  • Enable Sign-Up Confirmation (users will need to confirm their subscription to the mailing list)
  • Enable Unsubscription Feedback

Mailing List Management
  • Create unlimited mailing lists with per-list usergroup permissions
  • Search for users to see whether they have subscribed or unsubscribed
  • Toggle users' subscription status
  • Custom "From" email
  • Choose whether to use the XenForo HTML wrapper or entirely custom HTML when sending this email - selecting Custom means you have complete control over the HTML in your email!
  • Optionally instantly send email (recommended only for test mailing lists) or using the XenForo Mail Queue system (recommended for public mailing lists)
  • Override SMTP settings per mailing list
  • Permissions:
    • Can Subscribe
    • Default Subscribed
    • Cannot View List
    • Can View List
    • Can Send Mail
    • Can Manage
    • Can View Stats

Newsletter Management
  • Configure an automated "Reader's Digest" of your most popular forum threads
  • Optionally only include public (guest-accessible) forums
  • Advanced sorting via a powerful algorithm
  • Limit the number of topics included
  • Choose sorting type if "Advanced Sorting" is disabled
  • Excluded Forums

Unsubscribe Feedback
  • When users unsubscribe from your mailing list, they will be asked for optional feedback
  • Add/Edit/Delete feedback options

Keyword Management
  • Users can optionally only receive manually sent mail that pertains to their interests, as defined by these keywords
  • Add/Edit/Delete keywords

Subscription Log
  • Whenever a user's subscription status changes, be it by them or an admin, it gets logged
  • Search the log using user name / start date / end date / log type
  • Paginated list of log entries

Inactive Users List
  • If a user has not been active on the forums for a while, DragonByte Mail will automatically email them asking them to come back
  • Search the list using user name
  • Paginated list of users

  • Rebuild "Default Subscribed" - If you have changed the "Default Subscribed" flag, or created a new mailing list, you can run this action to subscribe your users.
  • Mass Unsubscribe Users - This action lets you unsubscribe all users from one or more usergroup(s) from one or more mailing list(s) simultaneously.


Mailing List Directory
  • List all mailing lists
  • Links to send mail / view mail history / manage keyword subscriptions / (un)subscribe
  • Unsubscription stats

Send Mail
  • If you are using XenForo's HTML wrapper; uses the forum editor to enter the content
  • If you are using custom HTML; offers Plain Text and HTML text areas to enter your content separately
  • Replacement variables allow you to address the user directly with their user name & more
  • Uses XenForo's Mail Queue system to avoid overloading servers / avoid "maximum mails per hour" server restrictions
  • One-click unsubscribe without needing to be logged in

Mail History
  • Displays a list of all mail from that mailing list
  • View the mail in full HTML
  • Unsubscription stats per-email
DragonByte's XenForo modifications include a single-line merged copyright footer which contains:
  • 1 Link to DragonByte Technologies XenForo store category
  • 1 Link to DragonByte Technologies homepage
  • 1 Link to a Details page listing the modifications this site has installed

This mod displays a copyright notification in the footer of emails generated by this mod which includes:
  • 1 Link to DragonByte Technologies homepage
  • 1 Link to Product Description page of this modification
  • 4.0.0 Beta 4 - 19th February 2018, 11:28
    Fix: Bugfix roll-up from the previous Beta
  • 4.0.0 Beta 3 - 29th December 2017, 16:47
    Fix: Bugfix roll-up since previous Beta
  • 4.0.0 Beta 2 - 4th December 2017, 22:44
    Fix: Bugfix roll-up from Beta 1
  • 4.0.0 Beta 1 - 29th November 2017, 01:47
    Feature: Compatible with XenForo 2
    Change: Completely rewritten framework to add XF2 compatibility and improve performance
  • v3.3.0 - 28th February 2017, 00:30
    Change: Internal re-structuring to make the "Newsletter" and "Inactivity" classes into models
    Fix: Keyword data was not unserialised correctly, leading to PHP errors on Keyword Subscription and Send Mail
  • v3.2.3 - 7th February 2017, 01:17
    Change: Certain confirmation messages would display as if they were error messages
    Fix: Unsubscribing from the Digest could display an error message in some scenarios
  • v3.2.2 - 22nd November 2016, 00:52
    Fix: If only one thread has received any posts in the past week, the Advanced Sorting may in some scenarios fail to return any results
  • v3.2.1 - 15th November 2016, 00:54
    Change: Inactive mailing lists will no longer show up in maintenance actions
    Fix: Managing subscriptions via the AdminCP will now work as intended
  • v3.2.0 - 1st November 2016, 02:18
    Feature: Digests can now be set to Daily
    Feature: Keywords can now be optionally restricted to only appear for certain Mailing Lists
    Change: The Digest cron job now prioritises users who have not received the Digest for a while, rather than prioritising the lowest User ID
    Change: Error messages now use the correct response type
    Fix: Completing the Digest test in the AdminCP should no longer present a page with the word "Error" on it along with the "Test completed" message
    Fix: If there were no users to send the Digest to, a server error could appear
    Fix: A column was missing from the "xf_dbtech_mail_newsletter" database table, leading to a server error
  • v3.1.0 - 11th October 2016, 00:02
    Feature: Digest Log
    Feature: Ability to set the default frequency for the Digest
    Feature: "Can View Mail" permission
    Change: Improved performance by implementing phrase caching
    Change: Mailing lists sent should now more reliably use the userís language settings for the mail wrapper
    Change: The web view of an email will now handle replacement variables
    Change: Back-end changes to make pages, error messages and redirects more compliant with XenForo standards
    Fix: Fixed an issue where disabling the Digest in the "Manage Digests" interface would not correctly stop the Cron job from running
  • v3.0.7 - 2nd August 2016, 00:28
    Fix: Fixed an issue with the Inactive Users Viewer where it could generate a database error in certain scenarios
  • v3.0.6 - 18th July 2016, 23:52
    Bug Fixes:
    • Resolved an issue where the Digest unsubscribe link could produce a server error
  • v3.0.5 - 20th June 2016, 22:46
    Bug Fixes:
    • The Digest feature could generate a server error in some circumstances
  • v3.0.4 - 7th June 2016, 00:03
    Bug Fixes:
    • Bugfix rollup from the past two weeks
    • Various framework fixes
  • v3.0.3 - 23rd May 2016, 22:28
    New Features:

    Live Titles
    • Live Title support for Keywords, Mailing Lists, Unsubscribe Feedback, Digests

    Bug Fixes:
    • The AdminCP navigation would not display the correct breadcrumb
    • If no keywords were defined, the editor could fail to load if you were using the "Native Template" option
  • v3.0.2 - 16th May 2016, 23:48
    New Features:

    AdminCP Menu
    • A link to the options page for this mod is now included in the Admin Navigation

    Changed Features:
    • The mod's options are now tabbed for easier browsing
    • A link to the options page for this mod is now included in the Admin Navigation
    • Items that cost no credits now displays "Free" in the shopís item list instead of "0 Credits"
    • The "Total Price" in the sidebar wallet display now applies number formatting and currency prefix/suffix settings

    Bug Fixes:
    • New user registrations could in some circumstances produce a server error
  • v3.0.1 - 10th May 2016, 00:31
    New Features:

    UserCP Link
    • A link to the UserCP settings has been added to the visitor tab drop-down

    Changed Features:
    • The mailing list design has been altered to increase visibility of action links
    • Changed the internal structure a bit to reduce code duplication

    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed an issue where searching for users in the Manage Mailing Lists interface would produce a SQL error
    • Workaround for Tapatalk's non-standard initialisation of XenForo
    • Workaround for broken Template Modification in a 3rd party product preventing this mod's ACP menu from showing
  • v3.0.0 - 2nd May 2016, 23:59
    Initial Release

At a glance

Supports: XenForo 1.5.3+

Requirements: PHP 5.6+

Version: v4.0.0b4
Release date: 19th February 2018

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