New Year Contest Bundle

The DBTech New Year Contest bundle is a collection of Branding Free licences for our free New Year Contest mods.

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The DBTech New Year Contest bundle is a collection of Branding Free licences for our free New Year Contest mods.

Threads Auto Close by Chris/Ozzy47: Threads Auto Close allows administrators to automatically close threads after X post or X replies. This is the ideal product to eliminate the bumping or resurrecting of old/dead threads. You can apply this forum-wide, or only to certain forums that need it. Imagine how much time your staff will save not having to ask people not to resurrect dead threads!

Draft Posts by Matt/Mokonzi: Draft Posts is a simple system that allows users to create draft copies from any post and then reuse them later as a template or draft for a new post. Users can use drafts to make common replies and have full control over which draft copies they want to keep. Deactivating or uninstalling the mod has no impact on the posting system.

Follow User by Jon/Pandemikk: from DragonByte Tech is a modification designed to allow members to follow one another in different social aspects of the forum. When a followed user completes an action such as a new post or a new thread, the followers receive either an email and/or PM updates based on their preference.

DBTech Member Map by John/Darkwaltz4: Member Map uses geolocation to determine where each of your members resides and plots them on an interactive google map. Includes mini profile popups with avatars, browser location support, usergroup exclusions, and customizable pin colors. Coordinates are processed in batches to ensure smooth performance.

Re-Order Posts by Fillip/Belazor: Re-Order Posts is a mod to let your staff move posts around in a thread - members no longer need to "reserve" posts - staff can move new posts to prime locations as required. Have a thread being overrun with posts commenting on the content instead of posting new content? Now your staff can move the content to the front of the thread. Dozens of different possible applications for your site.

Advanced Censor Options by Dylan: Advanced Censor Options allows you to have much more fine-grained censorship options over your site - including banning/replacing words only in thread titles, and setting different words to be censored/replaced on a per-forum basis. Have an 18+ forum? You can exclude it from your normal censorship options now. Want to replace curse words with the word kitten so your kittening members who swear like kitten don't kitten off the motherkitteners who hate curse words? Now you can!

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Version: v1.0.0
Release date: 1st January 2013

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