The DBTech ESSENTIALS bundle is a collection of 6 of the most important mods for any forum.

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The DBTech ESSENTIALS bundle is a collection of 6 of the most important mods for any forum.

vBOptimise is the recognised industry leader in site optimisation, used by sites worldwide including leading brands like Gearbox Software, Toms Hardware and The Curse Network. You can see the massive resource savings it provides just a few of our customers here:

vBDonate is the most feature rich donation software ever created for vBulletin. It is the perfect way to monetize your site - set your members donation goals and targets, reward them for meeting them and watch as your users gladly pay for the fantastic new features you are giving them with the DBTech Essentials Bundle. With automatic donation confirmation via PayPal you don't have to manually verify each donation and vBDonates Goal Bar provides a proven incentive for your members to donate to your site.

vBMail is the premier newsletter & mail management mod for forums today. Ensure you are in compliance with all email providers anti-spam regulations by letting vBMail handle your bounced mail, put one-click unsubscribe links in your newsletter and much more. vBMail allows your members fine grain control over exactly what newsletters they want to receive - you simply check the keywords that particular mail covers and only the members who want to hear about that subject receive the mail. Most users unsubscribe from mailing lists when they receive one or more mails that don't interest them - with vBMail you can ensure this never happen to your users.

vBSecurity is designed to protect you from unauthorised access and socially engineered hacks - it adds IP confirmation protection to ensure the people logging into your ACP are the people who are SUPPOSED to be logging into your ACP. Couple that with vBSecurity's advanced login flood protection options, configurable email warnings of suspicious activity and automatic IP bans for addresses attempting to hack your forum and you can see why vBSecurity is the worlds favourite vBulletin based security solution.

Advanced Post Thanks / Like is the most in depth and customisable "thanks" system ever created. Allowing for an infinite combination of custom buttons it allows you to perfectly tailor the system to your sites niche. Maybe you want your users to be able to thank for a post, like a post or even laugh at a post. Maybe you want them to be able to mark posts as unhelpful, maybe you just want a "disagree" button. Whatever you decide APTL can make it happen. Fully integrated with blogs, comments, Visitor messages and more APTL can be used anywhere on your forum. Encourage members to make great posts with a leaderboard showing who has received the most thanks, likes or other clicks. You can even allow your members to hide some or all of the contents of their post until someone says thanks - the possibilities are limitless.

Advanced User Tagging is possibly the absolute best way to increase member engagement on your forum. Users can be mentioned in threads using a simple and intuitive twitter-style @user command and they will be notified they have been mentioned immediately - you can even notify them by email. Users mentioned in threads are almost certain to come to your forum to check out who is saying their name and why, making it an extremely effective tool for keeping your users coming back every day. You can also tag users without having to make a post in the special user tagging box added to threads, as well as tag your entire friends list. You can even allow your staff to tag entire usergroups - nothing gets lapsed members back faster than an email telling them they have been tagged in a thread someone thinks they will find interesting! There is even a #Hashtag system in there to let your members keep track of what's popular on your site!

Finally your FREE mod - Copyright Management v2 ensures that after installing all of these fantastic products your footer looks as clean and tidy as ever, condensing everything down to a single line.

These products have been downloaded well over 20,000 times by forum owners - Make sure your site stays ahead of the competition by running faster, being smarter and providing more features your members want than your rivals. Let the DBTech Essentials bundle be the boost your forum needs to take the next step and leave the competition behind.

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Version: v1.0.0
Release date: 28th December 2012

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