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DragonByte Member Map 3.0.0rc1

Change log

Change: Reduced query count due to new XenForo 2.3 functionality
Change: Replace deprecated function calls
Change: Updated macros to XF 2.3 format
Change: Replaced Google Maps with Leaflet/OpenStreetMaps
Change: Replace various references with class-string<T> equivalents
Change: Update code for PHP 8.0
Change: Remove "XenForo" from copyright footer
Change: Necessary changes for the new XenForo 2.3 coding style
Change: Automatically clean up files on upgrade
Fix: Fixed template modifications

Release notes

!!!This version requires PHP 8.0+!!!

This version mainly introduces compatibility with XenForo 2.3. The add-on has been fully updated, meaning no compatibility layers such as loading jQuery or other such patches are required for this add-on.

One big thing to highlight is the fact that Google Maps has been deprecated and replaced with Leaflet/OpenStreetMaps. You no longer need an API key or worry about being charged by Google for your member map. All functionality should be retained.

Furthermore, a few reported bugs since the release of the last version for XenForo 2.2 have also been resolved.
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