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DragonByte Mail 4.6.0b2

Change log

Feature: Reworked Digests to use Activity Summary definitions
Fix: Fix server error when viewing digest logs if the logs are not empty

Release notes

As mentioned in the previous update, this change now implements the "Activity Summary" feature into the Digest. If you have any add-ons, official or 3rd party, that adds new activity summary sections, they will now work in DB Mail's digest with no action required on our part.

In order to implement this, you must go to the new "Digest sections" page and add the sections, similar to how you add activity summary sections to XF's default activity summary email. If you do not do this, the digest will not send.

If you installed the previous update that removed the Digest feature, your users' subscription / frequency preferences will have been lost. You may be able to restore these if you have an earlier backup and feel comfortable running SQL queries, though this is not something support will be able to cover.

Beta 3 onwards will focus on addressing whatever feedback you may have for the new system, as well as fixing bugs, before 4.6.0 will be officially released.