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DragonByte eCommerce 2.0.1

Change log

Fix: Fix missing undelete method
Fix: Product field that were added as tabs had redundant borders
Fix: Prevent a server error by constraining version string
Fix: Correct license alias for XR PM importer
Fix: Add website alias to the "optional extras" licenses when importing XR PM licenses
Fix: Decode purchase state when importing licenses from XR Product Manager
Fix: Various Product Field and License Field fixes for importers
Fix: Perform validation on imported product fields' "display_group" when importing from XRPM
Fix: Removing "Available product filters" and "Available shipping zones" when editing a product was ignored
Fix: Removing all "Applicable products" on a coupon was ignored
Fix: "Available product filters" were not saved on product creation

Release notes

This version fixes multiple bugs with the XR Product Manager importer, as well as some minor other issues with product and coupon creation / editing.