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DragonByte eCommerce 1.4.0rc2

Change log

Feature: Per-product setting to indicate whether it's included in product lists
Feature: You can now enter a "Support forum" for each product, with a link on the product information page
Feature: A new phrase (dbtech_ecommerce_invoice_closing_line) has been added, letting you add custom text to the bottom of the invoice (below the order total)
Change: Merged registration defaults into the core setting
Fix: Only show renew button if the user has renewal licenses
Fix: Copy Xen Product Manager Essentials support & default config into XF-PM importer
Fix: Fix incorrect pricing display on the product overview page if the product is currently on sale
Fix: Fixed an issue where the pricing display could be corrupted
Fix: Do not show download versions without any contents

Release notes

Welcome to the second Release Candidate version of DragonByte eCommerce v1.4.0! 🎉

This version adds a couple new features; Ability to hide a product from the product list, and ability to associate a forum with a product to work as a support forum.

If you associate a forum with a product, a new "Get support" button will be added to the product information block, letting users know exactly where to get support. This works especially well with our DragonByte Tickets product, which will show a special support ticket UI when viewing the support forums.

The way pricing is displayed in templates has also changed, to fix a few issues where an error could occur if a sale was ongoing and a product was free, or in some cases even just marking a product as free.

The registration defaults have also been changed, no longer requiring an entirely separate setting. The toggles can be found inside XF's own registrationDefaults setting.