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DragonByte eCommerce: Tickets 2.0.0

Change log

Feature: Secure Data Storage

Release notes

After a lengthy beta period here @ DBTech, v2 of DragonByte Tickets is now ready for release 🎉

This version contains one very important feature: Secure Data Storage.

This allows the ticket starter to enter data into fields defined by the admins (using the same feature as Thread Fields / User Fields and every other custom field). Once the user submits the form, a random encryption key is generated and emailed to the assigned agent as well as the user who started the ticket, the data is then encrypted with this key before being inserted into the database.

The data can only be decrypted by entering the secret key (even to the thread starter), and the data (even in its encrypted form) is only ever accessible to the assigned agent and the thread starter. The secret key is then stored in a cookie, which expires at the end of the browser session (when the user closes their browser).

The thread starter or the assigned agent can erase the encrypted data at any time, even if they lose the secret key. The person viewing the secure data can also press a button to hide the data again. No over-the-shoulder snooping 👀

While this system has been tested here @ DBTech, and the most modern (at the time of writing) encryption standards are being applied, it is still advised that you do not use this system for long-term storage of data. Once the ticket has been resolved, it is strongly recommended to click the delete button to erase the data.