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DragonByte Credits 5.4.0b1

Change log

Feature: Page where users can view their unlocked content
Change: Rework Thread / Post editing to only trigger negation when it's absolutely necessary

Release notes

This version features a major change to the way Thread and Post events work. The most frequent piece of feedback for DB Credits has always been "why do people lose credits when editing posts?" and the answer has always been "because of the 'amount per character' feature".

With this version, I aim to eliminate that confusion. The system will now look at the "Amount per character" / "Amount per word" setting for the Thread and Post events, and not apply any such events if those features are unused.

The end result is that editing a post will no longer add or remove credits unnecessarily.

Furthermore, credits are no longer awarded for automated threads or posts.

In other news, a new feature has been added where users can see their unlocked content (via the "Content" event and the [CHARGE] tags in posts). This new page can be found via the navbar.