DragonByte Technologies offers different types of discounts to customers.
To help you understand them better, we've outlined each type below.

Coupon Discounts (Manual)

Coupon Discounts are the first to be applied. They can grant a % discount on specific products.
You'll require a valid coupon code to apply any coupon discounts. Coupon codes can be found on our front page or may be posted in our blogs. Additionally, current customers will receive special individual discounts to their email address from time to time, if they are set to receive administrator emails about special offers.

Bulk Purchase Discounts (Automatic)

Bulk Purchase Discounts are automatically applied to orders. They require 2 conditions to activate:

  • You have at least 2 items in your cart (or 1 item with a quantity of at least 2)
  • Your total cart price reaches a target threshold

Threshold Discount
US $250 10%
US $500 20%
US $750 30%

How Discounts Apply

Consider the following scenario:

  • You have applied coupons bringing the "Coupon Discounts" amount up to 15%
  • Your shopping cart is eligible for the 10% discount on Bulk Purchase

Each eligible discount will be added to a "pool" and applied to the cart in one go.
Additionally, the combined Automatic and Coupon discounts cannot exceed 50% per item.