Custom Work

DragonByte Technologies offers custom coding work for your forum.

One of our most popular services is custom coding work. This can range from feature additions to existing products to entirely new products designed specifically around your needs. We specialize in vBulletin and xenForo work, but we are also more than capable of creating platform agnostic products or functionality. We have performed custom work for some of the biggest brands on the internet such as Tom's Hardware, and even for networks of hundreds of sites.

Depending on the requirements our rates start at a highly competitive $30 per hour, and you receive a guarantee of first-class programming from the world leader in vBulletin software. We take on projects of various sizes, from a single week's work to ongoing monthly retainer work.

Benefits of our custom coding service

A brief overview of the benefits of our service:

  • A full copy of the code as per your specifications and full access to any and all updates.
  • The right to run the code on any & all sites owned by yourself (and related sites - partners, friends etc).
  • The right to run the code without any sort of branding or copyright notice for DragonByte Technologies.
  • Preferential treatment in future when it comes to updates for retail software, i.e your requests being given higher value/priority than those from retail customers for products you purchased custom coding for.
  • A guarantee of the project being finished within a set time period.
  • One to One support for the product via instant messenger communication from the lead coder.

We have a flexible approach to each job and are able to work with your requirements on distribution rights, resale rights, updates and much more.

Who Performs The Job?

The majority of our custom work is performed by our programming director, Fillip Hannisdal and/or our Development Team Leader Dylan Wheeler.

Fillip Hannisdal has over a decade of experience in coding for vBulletin and has created over 50 products, including some of the most widely used and downloaded products in history.

Dylan Wheeler also has over a decade of experience in vBulletin coding and has worked for companies such as Cingular Wireless and Hewlett Packard.

Here are some testimonials from companies we have previously performed custom work for:

"DragonByte Technologies exceeded our expectations in all respects. They were able to deliver a quality product and back it up with first-class support. The next time we need custom vBulletin work done, we will definitely be contacting DragonByte!"

- Justin Weber, Director, US Site Operations, BestOfMedia LLC

"Dragonbyte Technologies is definitely the best vBulletin plugin developer I have had the pleasure to work with. Look no further if you need custom plugins or more fuel for your forums!"

- Roberto Buonanno. Country Manager Italy, Tom's Hardware

If you are interested in commissioning work from us, please use the form on this page to contact us.

We also offer a professional installation service for any of our modifications, which you can purchase as an addon at checkout. With this service we will install the product on your site and guarantee it is working. If we are unable to do so for any reason we will refund both the installation fee and the cost of the product, as long as you have not downloaded the product yourself.