I am happy to finally release vBEditorTabs v1.0.2, which includes a Lite version!

Unfortunately, there isn't added functionality to this release, but in order for the lite version to work properly, several files needed a couple minor code changes here and there. So if you already have v1.0.1 Pro installed, you really don't need to install this version. With that said, here are the options that are now available in the Pro version only.

General Settings

  • Option to enable User "Favorite" tab

Configure Tabs

  • Ability to assign usergroup viewing permissions to each tab

From the User CP, a user will have the following options:

  • Each user has the ability to create their own "Favorites" tab with smilies they use most often
  • Uses the same drag-and-drop functionality as the ACP to place smilies into their tab
  • Users can only pick from smilies that are not assigned to a tab, or assigned to a tab they have access to
  • Ability to have a "Favorites" tab can be set on a per-usergroup basis
  • Quantity of smilies in the "Favorites" tab can be set on a per-usergroup basis

The product is available here. Thanks!
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