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Welcome to the documentation for vBShout, a vBulletin add on.

The following pages will contain instructions on how to install, configure and administer the software.

This is a feature packed Shoutbox modification for vBulletin. This version was built to work on vBulletin 3.8.x, 4.0.x and 4.1.x.

Lite Version only:

oPost Shouts
oEdit / Delete Shouts
oShouts played using HTML5 <audio> tags
oPM other users
PM tabs for convo between two users
oView Active Users
Separate context-aware block that shows the people active in your specific tab.
oIntegrates with vBulletin smilie popup for easy overview of all available smilies.
Update text styles
Slash commands
oBuilt-in commands in a drop-down list
o/banlist for a list of all users banned from the shoutbox
Context menu for available actions
oView Profile
oSend PM
Create chat room
oInvite / Manage users that can access this chat room
oInviting an user sends them a pop-up asking them to join the room.
oHighlights when you're not viewing them but they have new messages.
oChat Rooms get tabs added as you join them.
oDefault logging logs all administrative slash commands.
oView list of all Shouts in the system
oTop X Shouters
oShoutbox Statistics
oSearch Archive
Search by
oInstance Manager
Different instances on different pages
oChat Room Manager
Assign usergroups to chat rooms
oEdit Settings
Which commands to log
Log level
Shouts to display
Shouts to display (Archive)
Shoutbox Height
Shout display order
Shoutbox Refresh Rate
Smilies on / off
PMs on / off
Allowed BBCode controls
Enabled Editor Tools
Maximum [SIZE]
Max characters per shout
Max images per shout
Archive "Top X Shouters" count
Active Users block on/off
Auto-Delete Shouts
Max chat rooms per user
Global sound switch
Play sounds while idle
Per-Usergroup display of moderator actions (like pruning shouts)
Ability to disable the "Chat Access" list
Project Tools integration
Ability to disable Blog notifications
Alternating Shout Background Colours
Forum Milestones (replacing the simple "Post Markers")
Every X Posts
Every X Threads
Every X Members
oShow command log
oShow banned users
oShow shout log
Reset all style customisations
oBan / Silence management in Edit User

Pro Version also features:

Context Menu Options
Moderation actions
oAdd / Update Sticky Note
oBan / Unban users
oIgnore / unignore users
oPrune user's shouts
Slash commands
o/silencelist for a list of all users silenced in the shoutbox
Separate tab for Notifications
oLets you hide them from the main view but still have them accessible.
Separate tab for System Messages
oLets you hide them from main view but still have them accessible.
Detach shoutbox
oShows a dedicated shoutbox browser window.
Shoutbox Options
oIntegration with UserCP
General Shoutbox Settings
Enable / Disable PMs
Enable / Disable Notifications
Enable / Disable System Messages
Override shout styles
Sounds on/off
Hide alternating shoutbox background colours
Hide user avatars
Display Settings
Hide/Display individual Editor settings (Font, text colour etc)
Control shout area location
Tab Reordering
Re-order chat tabs
Custom Commands
oAdd / Edit custom commands
Ignore List
oAdd / Remove users
High-level logging logs everything
vBActivity & Awards integration (Award, Achievement, Promotion)
Filter archive shouts by chatroom
Create threads from archive shouts
Search Archive
oSearch by
Last X Hours
Start Date
End Date
oSort order for search results
oShouts per page
Filter archive shouts
Edit/Delete shouts in archive
Separate Sticky notices per instance
Separate usergroup permissions per instance
Assign chat room to any / all instance(s)
Shoutbox Refresh Rate
oWhile idle
PMs on / off
Archive "Top X Shouters" count
Play sounds while idle
oReset all style customisations
Ban / Silence management in Edit User
Forum Milestones (replacing the simple "Post Markers")
oEvery X Blogs
oEvery X Shouts
oEvery X [DBTech] Advanced Post Thanks / Like button clicks received
oEvery X [DBTech] Advanced User Tagging thread tags received
oEvery X [DBTech] Advanced User Tagging quotes received
oEvery X [DBTech] Advanced User Tagging mentions received
oEvery X [DBTech] vBQuiz quizzed created
oEvery X [DBTech] vBQuiz quizzed completed
Adjust time stamp format
Per-Usergroup "Can PM" permission

This system is built inside of vBulletin and uses the existing template systems. No modification of existing vBulletin templates are necessary as its own templates are imported through the installation.

99.9% of the language is displayed through the vBulletin phrase system and is easily editable.

If you find a bug please report it so it can be fixed.