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DB-tech takes a new step forward!

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DragonByte Tech is currently looking for talented skinners to join our team here at DBT, if you've had previous experince with vBulletin or know how to code using CSS, HTML and PHP then drop us a line. We're is woking on opening a skinning department where we will be selling top quality skins for vBulletin.

If this interests you and you'd like to earn a little money then please speak to Decado or Belazor who will interview you and make relevant arrangements.


Good comunication skills
Good customer relations
Can work to deadlines in a timely manner
Has an excellent understanding of forums
Has an eye for design
Has some previous experience skinning
Can work in a team and on your own
Self motivated and can work under pressure
Has attention to detail and willing to learn and teach your colleagues.
Is flexible to work

The team will be ran by Decado, I will be helping out look forward to working with our new recruits

Good luck!
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Updated 6th April 2010 at 22:21 by Deceptor

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  1. hornstar's Avatar

    If you do make a skin, I really like the look of this skin http://www.vbmode.com/forums/vbullet...php?styleid=69 (minus the psp lol)

    Well I like the colors more or less. Maybe something along the lines of that, but making it original and better at the same time ^^

    I'd buy a skin with those colors with a professional look if you do.
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