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Latest Documentation Updates

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It's a while since I posted what I'd been up to... and I've been busy... behind the scenes...

I've just completed the documentation for vBArcade, and AJAX Threads, as well as vBShop, which I completed a few weeks back. The vBArcade manual may get some slight tweaks to it as it gets ready for the Gold release.

I've also made slight updates to all the existing documentation I've completed which has been updated.

The vBCredits manual is largely ready, but both myself and @Darkwaltz4 want to get it spot on before it's officially released, as it is by far the most complex manual I've had to write.

What's next? Forumon is on the cards... and that looks like a very complex manual to write. I've been taking time getting familiar with it so that I can write the manual from experience. As many of you will be aware, the setting up takes some time, but it is a fantastic piece of coding (well done @Belazor) on that. I will likely work on another manual or two before the Forumon one is completed, sometimes it's good to change the scenery...

If you would like to see a particular manual created sooner rather than later, please post in this blog and let me know, as I will do my best to accommodate.

My priorities in writing for DBTech have been to complete manuals for new products as close to the Gold release as I can, and update existing manuals when any updates come out. New manuals for already existing products come last on the list.

Hopefully I'll be able to post more in my Blog about my work over the next few weeks and months. As always, if you spot any errors or inconsistencies in the manuals, send me a quick PM stating where it is, and what the error is. I'll aim to fix or update them as soon as I can get to it.
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  1. hornstar's Avatar
    Nice to see this is still happening. I'll have to check out the manuals again.
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  2. Valcav's Avatar
    This is something out of my own opinion... So you don't have to agree with me...

    I've kind of posted this before... But maybe it could be good to have all manuals (links) gathered on 1 place... (for example in 1 post, or links under 1 forum (for example 1 forum called "Manuals" and in there you place each link to each manual)).

    I know that you have stickies in each forum that has a Manual available.
    But in my opinion it would be nice to have them all available in 1 forum.
    (If there is no planning to have the links to all available Manuals being brought together, and if it's ok for you, I could take that in my own blog or in a post somewhere (even if it's only my who would use it...))
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  3. Mokonzi's Avatar
    Just realized I never replied to this...

    You'll notice that your suggestion has been implemented by Belazor
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