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vBMail Released, DBTech & Xenforo and more

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DBTech News

This week the big news is the release of vBMail Beta. This is actually a feature incomplete beta as we expect to add a few large features over the next week or so on the road to going Gold. Meantime here are the main features of the beta version:

Bounced Mail Handling: Once configured, it will (if so desired) automatically track and handle bounced mail. Alternatively, you can manually handle bounced mail if you so wish.

Automatic "Unsubscribe" Link Creation: If the user receiving the mail has access to unsubscribing, a secure link to unsubscribe themselves from the mailing list will be automatically added to the bottom of the mail. It does not require the user to be logged in, so it complies with spam policies set forth by mail providers.

Mail History: Each past sent mail can be viewed at any time from the front-end.

Advanced Subscription Management: Users can quickly and easily (un)subscribe from the mailing list via the mailing list directory, or the admin can manually change the subscription status in the AdminCP.

You can read more about it here: http://www.dragonbyte-tech.com/threa...e-for-Purchase!

In other news, we have our new artist working hard on icons and we hope to be able to start rolling them out to you guys in the next month or so.

We are also (slowly) moving towards being able to provide our fans on XenForo with DBTech mods and are in discussions with a few XenForo coders which will hopefully progress well over the coming weeks to help us hit the ground running in autumn when we plan on taking a second look at the platform.

Whats Going On
@Belazor is working on the new features for vBMail ^.^
@David has updated vBDownloads to be vb 4.1.4 compatible after some rather persistent editor based bugs cropped up, he is now working on improving vBNotifications
@Dylan is still working on the new version of vBQuiz.
@Darkwaltz4 is still working on adding more features to vBArcade and bringing it up to Beta =D

Coming Soon
vBNotifications should be going gold in the next few weeks
We are compiling more Documentation and hope to launch the documents for a few mods in the next couple of weeks, likely to coincide with the release of vBNotifications Gold or vBMail Gold.
vBQuiz is still progressing nicely
The current timeline for vBArcade has a Beta release in the last week of July.

Decado's Corner

Apologies for the lack of a blog last week, I was dealing with a whoooole lot of stuff, business and personal - fortunately there wasn't much to discuss anyway =P

Most of this week for me has been spent looking into ways to accelerate our XenForo presence plans and speaking with potential new team members, working with our new artist etc as well as planning out some changes to DBTech to help make for a better experience for you guys. Nothing incredibly exciting unfortunately ^.^

Thanks as always for popping by to read, and please do let me know what you think of the various developments revealed in the blog this week!

Iain & The DBTech team
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  1. Trekkan's Avatar
    Sounds like good news on all fronts really. =) If you're looking for suggestions on the Products page, let me know, I hate navigating it. But really, all nice work you guys, good to see things still moving along!!
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  2. Wanted's Avatar
    wow that's really very good news and I'm very glad to hear about XenForo.

    Can't wait to see the XenForo versions of Arcade, vBShop & Quiz, I'll buy all of them.
    please keep us updated, thanks a lot.
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  3. Ozzy47's Avatar
    Well looks like I will have to dig out my XF license and start brushing up on that as well.
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  4. skylab's Avatar
    Wow. You guys are insane. Pretty much building everything the community really needs. Good to hear you guys are doing so well. Keep it up!
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  5. Mokonzi's Avatar
    Nice work guys
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  6. Maximilian2's Avatar
    Great for Xenforo! I'm very interested in XF version of activity, credits, and shop!
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