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Tweet Poster FREE Mod, Reviews Gold & Lite, Contest Extended, Prize Draw Winner...

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DBTech News

A ton of news to cover this week! We have a totally FREE new mod, DragonByte Reviews goes gold and a lite edition is released, plus contest & prize draw updates and a special hosting deal with Hivelocity.

I'll start with the Hivelocity deal. Basically, we teamed up with them to give our expertise on the perfect hardware setups for forums, to get the most performance for the least amount of money. They have a special setup of servers specifically designed for that available here now. In addition, if you are hosted by Hivelocity you can now get 25% off of ALL your Dragonbyte Tech purchases. If you buy regularly, you could end up saving a ton of money doing that. Check out the setups and such here.

First of all we have the gold and lite release of DragonByte Reviews. It's the most in-depth review system ever created for a forum and if your forum revolves around ANYTHING your users or staff want to review, it's an essential mod. Videogames, Sports Teams, Automobiles or literally any category of consumer electronics forums will benefit big time from it, in terms of both unique content and SEO.

In related news, we have extended our reviews contest for another month. Those of you who had already qualified for this months contest have been sent a gift of DBTech $ to make up for the wait. There's also a slight rule change - the three winners will now be picked randomly. The quality of all the reviews has been high enough that I was going to have trouble picking winners manually, so now it will be automatic. We are anticipating having less than 15 entrants for this contest by the way, so if you enter there's a very good chance you'll be a winner! It's easy to do - you can enter from your Client Area, or from the DBTech homepage/mod information pages.

In other contest news, @Nirjonadda is the very first winner of the DBTech Monthly Prize Draw, winning $60 worth of DBTech Dollars to spend on whatever he wants. Entry into the contest is automatic, with every $50 you spend gaining you a new ticket. The prize pool rises as the month goes on and more people buy things, so don't miss out!

In other release news, we have a completely free new mod, 'Tweet Poster', which will help to increase your social media engagement by tweeting about new threads/posts in forums you specify to keep your followers up to date on the happenings of your forum.

We also have a number of updates, detailed below.


DragonByte Reviews is the most advanced review system ever released for vBulletin with dozens of features making it easy for your staff and/or users to leave detailed reviews complete with images, ratings specific to the product category and even a comments section for discussion of the product and the review.

Basically it's the best review system ever released, and there's not enough space here to do it justice. Go read the release thread here instead!

We have also released a completely new, completely FREE mod, called Tweet Poster. Basically it takes posts from the forums you specify, and automagically tweets about them to keep your followers in the loop. Awesome, no? More details here.


vBAnswers, Thread Post Bookmarking, Advanced Post Thanks/Likes and vBShop all received small bugfix updates.

Reviews Contest

Here are the updated details on the reviews contest: The prize draw will now be randomly selected, the deadline for entries is now Midnight GMT Thursday 29th Aug, and there are still three awesome prizes. Read the full details here.

What's Going On

@Belazor is working on a secret project!
@Dylan is working on polishing his Reviews mod
@Darkwaltz4 is on a leave of absence
@Ozzy47 is working on a nifty vBSuperPMs update
@bszopi is on a general leave of absence
@Mokonzi is working on a Classifieds mod
@the-danzor is working on vB5 skins

Coming Soon

Secret project in the next few months
Classifieds mod in the next few weeks
Gold version of Review mod in the next couple of weeks
More free mods in the next few weeks
More Focus Group Surveys & Prizes
Several more vB5 Ports in the coming months

Decado's Corner

I can't overstate just now much I like DragonByte Reviews - or how helpful it is when you guys take 5 minutes out of your day to leave a review for us. Thanks to those of you who have done so!

In other news, I was sad to hear of Minerskinz going out of business. The sad thing is that if everyone who had pirated his skins had bought it, it wouldn't have happened. People don't realize just how slim the margins are in developing for forums. Every sale counts, and that's why we appreciate you guys so much!

Regarding the Hivelocity stuff, we don't get any kickbacks from that. In future that might change, but for now it's just a little partnership between us and them because we're so happy with the service we get from them. Similarly, if you tell the sales reps DBTech sent you and ask for a discount, you'll get one - that's because instead of us being a reseller and receiving a cut, we pass that "cut" onto you guys as savings.

Lastly, because we've developed and installed this cool tweeting mod, our twitter will be a lot more active. Make sure you follow us at DragonByte Tech.

Iain & The DBTech Team
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Updated 3rd August 2013 at 00:55 by Belazor

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