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Live feed for vB3, vBAnalytics, vBSlider, vBnominations releases, Affiliate program..

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DBTech News

An absolute TON of stuff to announce this week guys:

First of all there has been a new release for Forum Live Feed & User Wall adding a few fixes and also a vB3 version! You guys asked for it so we built it. It's identical to the vB4 version with the exception of sidebars, which are no longer included - Read all about it here.

vBSlider v2 has gone gold and the price has increased as per the notification we gave you guys a couple of weeks ago. This also marks Brad @bszopi 's official promotion to the development team! Please join me in congratulating him! You can read about it here.

vBNominate v1.2 has gone gold and a Lite version is also now available! You can read all about it here.

vBAnalytics, the first mod from @Pandemikk which is design to give you stats on how your forum is being used to help you improve traffic, retention and targetting for your site is now in open Beta. The closed Beta period was very successful and we would like to give our thanks to @Bravo , @Freekoid, @GoodApples, @Valcav and @Webbstre . You can read all about it here.

We have released a Global Branding Free mod after consultation with customers and you can grab it now from the purchase area. The Global Branding Free mod will remove the copyright from all DBTech mods, past present and future for one flat fee of $499.95 - Please note that automatic discounts such as multibuy and loyalty discounts do not apply to the GBF license. If you already own more than 4 Branding Free licenses PM @Decado letting him know you are interested in the GBF license to receive an exclusive discount coupon.

Our Affiliate program is now up and running - you can easily make yourself DBTech points to spend in place of dollars for mods simply by referring customers to DragonByte Tech. You can read about how to participate here. or Access it via the links bar at the bottom of every page.

You can read more about the Global Branding Free & Affiliate program here.

We have updated our "About Us" page to give information on DragonByte Technologies Ltd. as a company and also have a short bio on all of the development team members. Take a look here and feel free to leave a comment on the page itself.

Lastly we are proud to announce that we are once again in the running for vbulletin.orgs 'Mod of the Month' contest - this time for the fabulous Forum Live Feed & User Wall mod. Please take the time to vote for your favourite mod - it only takes 10 seconds and it means a lot to the coder who receives your vote.

What's Going On

@Belazor is working on Live Feed going gold as well as his new mod which will hopefully be in beta next week.
@Dylan is working on a large new modification
@Darkwaltz4 is working on vBArcade and a new modification still.
@Ozzy47 is working on his new (unnamed) project.
@bszopi is continuing work on a new secret project
@Pandemikk is continuing his work on the vBAnalytics Beta to add new features and turn it gold.

Coming Soon

vBAnalytics will be in gold in the next 1-2 weeks also.
Forum & User wall will be going gold in the next few weeks
An as-yet unannounced project from @Belazor should be released into public beta in 1-2 weeks.

Decado's Corner

Busy week here at DBTech towers. As you can see I've taken everything you guys suggested and your feedback over the past few weeks and implemented it. Our affiliate program is up and running, the "loyalty card" idea was scrapped and there is now a global branding free license for those of you who prefer to run your site minus our footer. There is a discount coupon of 25% available for anyone who has already purchased 4 or more branding free licenses - This was the fairest way to do things for customers AND coders. Each coder gets paid for any branding free license bought for his product and so they all receive a cut of the GBF license now. Obviously it would be unfair to let people run their mod branding free without some sort of reparation, but at the same time customers who have already purchased branding free licenses separately shouldn't have to pay full price - the compromise I reached was a significant discount for customers who already purchased several branding free licenses. it's not ideal but hopefully you guys understand the reasoning behind it.

The affiliate program is also off the ground now. I plan to offer prizes at points to the people with the most referrals in certain time periods as well as the money you make from them automatically - i'm interested in hearing you feedback on the program as it exists and i'm all ears if you have any suggestions on how to improve it. If you have a spare 10 minutes and you're interested in DBTech as a company, or the various guys on the dev team and their histories and experience with vB I suggest checking out the brand new "about us" page - it really is a huge improvement over the last one!

The guys have all been working their asses of the past few weeks and i'm proud of them all - especially @bszopi who is now an official member of the full development team. Truth be told he's been at that level for a while now, but his support has been consistently high quality since he joined, he has been fiing and updating his work extremely quickly and he has been willing to really put in crunch hours when needed these past couple of weeks, so now with the gold release of vBSlider v2 is the perfect time to give him his official "promotion".

We lost out on last months Mod of the Month over at vBulletin.org to the MGC chatbox system - considering it is one of the most installed mods on vb.org (over 2300 installs) and has been out and gathering a fanbase for 3 years finishing within 10 votes of it like the brand new vBSlider did was an impressive feat. This month Live Feed is in the lead so far and hopefully it can stay strong and finish on top to get us our fourth mod of the month victory. As always your votes - for any mod - are genuinely appreciated.

Although it's still listed as unannounced/secret above, i'm going to let those of you who read this far in on what @Belazor 's new mod is - vBAvatars. This mod will let your users create a representation of themselves using various drawn facial features, eyes, hair and clothes.

On a completely separate note we are looking for a new skin for DBTech - if any of you guys are skinners yourself, or know one who might be interested, fire me off a PM or email to iain@<a href="https://www.dragonbyte...>byte-tech.com - A good job will mean tons of exposure to potential clients here on DragonByte Tech, and we're always looking for talented and reliable partners to join our tightly knit "partners" section on the forumhome.

I'm looking forward to some more great feedback from you guys on the stuff in this blog! Sorry it's so long, we're firing on all cylinders at the moment.

Thanks for reading and commenting,

Iain & The DBTech Team
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Updated 3rd March 2012 at 02:20 by Decado

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  1. Webbstre's Avatar
    I use Bluepearl Design for my skins - I highly suggest it as the updates come out fast and the quality is high.
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  2. CharlieDelta's Avatar
    Congratulations @bszopi on the promotion! Well deserved.

    I am actually going to take advantage of the affiliate program. I am really impressed with the presentation and ease of use.

    Okay, that vBAvatars sounds cool as hell! Reminds me of what EA does on the Tiger Woods series.

    My vote has been cast. DBT for life!!!!
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  3. hornstar's Avatar
    Will avatars be like Wii avatars?
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  4. Decado's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by hornstar
    Will avatars be like Wii avatars?
    They'll be 2d image based to make it possible for you to add your own items etc easily - 3d a movable would require external plugins and significantly more resources that we'd be comfortable with.

    Thanks for the kind words @CharlieDelta - good to have you as part of our side!

    @Webbstre I actually had a look at Bluepearl and was impressed by the quality, the guy behind it seemed quite busy but I'll throw him a message and see if he's interested ^.^ Cheers for the recommendation.
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  5. Webbstre's Avatar
    @Decado Yeah, I use his skins (after I customize them) on my site. Working on altering Breeze right now for a new theme for my site
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  6. IcEWoLF's Avatar
    Congrats to bszopi!
    Looking forward to the new avatars mod!

    As always, great products from DBTech!
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  7. Freekoid's Avatar
    I can't even fathom how the vBAvatars will work but it will be cool as hell!

    I like the fact that you pick something from vbulletin that everyone uses and say, Ok what can we do new here programming wise and hey ho new product idea is born!

    Love it and I'm hooked

    @Decado, did you ever pick up on the invitation system idea?
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  8. Decado's Avatar
    Invitation system? You mean buttons to invite your friends etc to the forum via email?
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  9. Freekoid's Avatar
    No it was a mini mod that you thought would be a good idea for one of your newer coders to do. Our convo may have been in a blog, reason why you never picked it up. Shall I post in the usual forum Iain?
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  10. Decado's Avatar
    Sure =)
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