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Inaugural Gaming Blog. Win a copy of Borderlands 2. DayZ Diaries!

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Welcome to the first ever DBTech Gaming Blog. This is going to be a semi-regular blog where the DBT team gets a chance to discuss our gaming exploits recently and make special gaming-related offers to our customers.

To celebrate the launch of the blog we're offering a special contest - anyone who spends $50 on DBTech between the 1st of september and midnight PST on the 23rd of september is in with a chance to win a digital copy of Borderlands 2 via steam, and the chance to play Borderlands 2 with the 3 leaders at DragonByte Technologies - Managing Director Iain Kidd, CEO Fillip Hannisdal and Development Team Leader Dylan Wheeler.

How to enter:

1) You must have spent at least $50 on DragonByte-Tech.com between 1st of September and 23rd of September.
2) You must PM Decado before midnight PST on September 23rd asking to be entered into the contest.
3) You must have a Steam account to receive the prize. (Steam (www.steampowered.com) is completely free. You just need to have it downloaded and create a free account).

That's it! We will pick the winner at random on Monday 24th of September and inform them. We will then work out a mutually agreeable time to play some Borderlands 2, and we will all write about the experience in a gaming blog.

The DayZ Diaries which have been part of the weekly dev blogs are now moving over to here, the gaming blog. To kick off the gaming blog this week Fillip, Dylan and I all wrote about our most recent exploits in character.

Fillip's DayZ Diary

1000-1600 Hours

The day started just like any other... if you happen to be living in Zombieville. With precious few memories and no posessions except for a radio and a backpack filled with nothing of use, I set out to find out not only where the heck I was, but also hopefully finding a friendly face to figure out this mess together with.

Shortly after navigating to higher ground, where I could contemplate just how humped I was, a noise came over my radio - some fine tuning of the knobs later and a voice was heard! I'd never been so glad to hear the sound of another human being's voice before. The guy on the other end introduced himself as "Iain" - his accent gave me reasons to distrust him, but at this point I didn't really have much of a choice. I made a split second decision to trust him and his directions towards a common goal: survival.

I think at this point I should mention that the only thing I -do- remember is that map reading was never my strong suite.

The next several hours are spent going in the most elaborate circle in the history of wilderness traversal, with an increasingly annoyed voice over the radio asking me where I am. What would have otherwise been a calm explanation of the scenery around me was overshadowed by the fact that I was so hungry I would have eaten my own face if I could. Thankfully I stumbled across a settlement, now populated exclusively by the undead horde. They absolutely did mind me dropping by and collecting some food and drink, but thankfully their shambling doesn't handle cliffs as well as I do. From the top of my hill I eat and drink my full, and laugh at the zombie that slipped and fell to his re-death.

Finally I was able to meet up with my new friend, who had also brought a friend of his own. The new guy introduced himself as Dylan. I especially didn't trust how all three of us looked identical, but by this point I had given up attempting to make sense of anything that was happening.
What I was, however, quite content with accepting was the fact that my new friends were significantly better armed than me (and by that I mean, they were actually armed). We set out for a nearby military installation, where I was assured a gun was waiting for me to pick it up. Feeling a bit like a sacrificial lamb, I went along with the plan.

When we approached the installation, we noticed that Dylan was missing. Screaming suddenly came over our radios, we fumbled to turn down the volume so as to not alert every zombie within twenty miles to our presence when we heard "daaaddyyyy..... suuuuugaaaaaarrrrrrr...." before the radios cut out. We bowed our heads in reverence and respect for our fallen comrade, and continued on our quest.
As expected, the installation was heavily guarded by military zombies. Our plan of stealthily looting all the barracks before the zombies noticed we were there was suddenly cut short when it turned out that whatever kind of military they had on this gods-forsaken island, they apparently taught their soldiers sorcery that defied the laws of physics. Zombies were appearing -from the floor- like an exceedingly hostile jack-in-a-box.

After literally taking out an entire platoon, we looted all their weapons and ammo. All kitted out, we found a safe place to hole up as darkness came...

Dylan's DayZ Diary

1400-2400 hours

I wake up on this island with nothing on me but a bandage and a couple other minor things. I start running inland to try and find some essentials and meet up with Fillip and Iain. I have no clue where I'm at without a map or compass and zombies are all around. It's very annoying not even having a hatchet to smash their head in with.

I finally find a town where I get a pistol and describe it enough so Iain can guesstimate my location on where I need to go to meet up with them. I head up the hill in the late afternoon and come to a little set of buildings occupied by a small mod of zombies. But I need some supplies so I run through looking in the buildings and score!, I come across an AKM assault rifle with a few extra clips. Yea for me. But wait, server crashes and we have to log back in. Surprise surprise, when we get back in, no AKM, no clips and what do you know, I'm getting chomped on by a zombie!

After putting him down I run off to bandage, lick my wounds and wait for the calvary. But the bandage is gone as well, so I just run around bleeding like a stuck pig while Iain and Fillip high tail it to my location. Except they didn't get to my location because Iain guesstimated the wrong place! Fortunately they find me before I bleed out and get me back up to full health.

We head off into the next town for some needed food and drinks. After about an hour of running, forraging and killing we end up in the local supermarket. I've gotten used to the pistol so I'm like James Bond, silently taking out all the zombies coming through the door while Iain collects supplies and Fillip fixes the leg he broke standing in the market.

About sunset Fillip and I are well loaded down with food and we all decide to look for a ride. As luck would have it, we come across an office building that has an SUV waiting outside for us. We just need to find some fuel for it, so we start going through the building looking for a gas can. A few minutes later Fillips cursing body crashes down in front of me dead. After a few confused seconds of trying to find out what happened to Fillip (I swear he's like Kenny in Southpark) I see another survivor running around the vehicle and I put a half a clip of M4 rounds into him. Fast forward a few minutes and he dies, vengeance has been had, but we can't find the body to desecrate so Iain goes off searching for fuel.

A fruitless half hour Iain hasn't found a jerry can and I can't see Fillip's dead body in front of me anymore, but I can still hear the flies. So Iain comes back and I curl up for a good night’s sleep, my head resting against my nifty new backpack that still smells like dead Fillip.

Iain's DayZ Diary

1400-2430 hours

I'm on the road with my partner in crime, Fillip. We have been separated from the third man in our squad after an unexpected attack by tiny little child zombies forced us to abandon him. Fillip and I have raided some old barracks and got ourselves kitted out with some old soviet-block assault rifles. They'll do.

Our radio comes to life informing us that our third squad member, Dylan, is free and ready to meet us. Giving directions over the radio is tough, but we just about manage it, using landmarks to coordinate our efforts. He has to head to a satellite installation on a hill through some wilderness and small towns. Fillip and I are making the journey from the opposite direction through a now deserted city.

The radio chatter keeps our spirits up as we trudge through the desolate wasteland of what used to be a bustling population center. Evidently we were too loud, and too sure of the desolation nearby. Dylan is jumped by a pack of zombies and is lying bleeding while fillip and I are still a half mile from his position. We give up on any semblance of caution and start sprinting towards him, it's probably hopeless but we have to TRY dammit.

Things go from bad to worse as some scavenger in the city takes potshots at us as we run through. We'll be back for you later, buddy. Count on it.

Dylan miraculously stops bleeding right before dying, thanks zombie jesus! This gives Fillip and I the chance to reach him. I bandage him up and use one of the many blood packs we have. Right in time as well, as we get jumped by zombies. We retreat to a small military outpost, Dylan with his pistol, Fillip and I with our assault rifles. It feels like no matter how many we kill, twice that number take their place.

Dylan manages to find his own rifle, it uses the same ammunition as well so it gives us some more firepower right away and we clean house. We're on a zombie killing spree, we killed more zombies than Bruce Campbell from Evil Dead and Milla Jovovitch from resident evil combined.

From here on, everything is a blur. I was so hungry I thought I was going to die and i don't remember anything but stumbling along and shooting zombies... until we reached the school.

Just like real life, that's where everything goes wrong.

We find a jeep outside, but no gas. We also find zombies streaming towards us, evidently class is in session. we get split up in the school, each taking a different floor to minimize any friendly fire, but somehow fillip still gets shot. After frantic back and forths on the comms, Dylan and I realise we are NOT alone in there. It's the same Bandit who shot at fillip and I earlier. Dylan manages to get a couple of shots off on him as he flees, and we carefully clear the school of zombies.

By this point night has fallen, and Dylan doesn't have a servicable torch. We need that jeep, and for that we need gas, but Dylan can't go anywhere. He stays in the school, killing any over-zealous zombie students who turn up for night class, and I head into the town to find some gas.

There is no gas in the entire city. None in the supermarket, none in any of the garages, none in any houses, none in the industrial units, none in the manufacturing plant. If there was a gas station, there'd be no gas there either. It was one of those nights.

I find some military gear for dylan to wear instead of the civvies he has though, and so i make my way back. We'll sleep it off. Sleep sounds so good. When i get back dylans nerves are frayed after sitting looking for zombies in the darkness, and he falls asleep pretty much instantly. I guess first watch is mine...

Sign Off

Well guys, hopefully you enjoyed the first gaming blog. Let us know if you prefer the in-character style of this blog, or the usual style of the DayZ Diaries in the dev blogs. We will likely be holding more contests in future, as well as setting up games for all DBTech customers to join and play together. Who knows, maybe we'll even set up a casual DBTech Clan!

Let us know what else you want to see from the gaming blogs and what you thought of this one! Good luck to everyone entering the contest!

Iain & The DBTech Gaming Team
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    When it comes so far, you can count me in, or I'll apply to join the DBTech Clan
    nice blog.
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