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Gaming Blog 2: Borderlands 2, Tiny Tina, HAWP

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Welcome to the second DBTech Gaming Blog.

This week we have @Valcav giving his memories of his time playing with the DBTech team, and we talk about the incredible "Tiny Tina" character, and the gaming sketch show the voice actress Ash Burch, and Borderlands 2 Writer Anthony Burch have called Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin?

Valcav's Corner
On Monday September 24th, I suddenly received an Friend request of Decado. And it hit me, (thought by myself) this can't be true, I won? A few minutes later I received a gift from Decado. Yup, it was Borderlands2. Coooooooooollllllll. Installed it right away.

We talked to find a day to play Bl2 together & it was Wednesday evening.

On Wednesday, I was really looking forward to that evening, I was going to play Bl2 together with Decado & Belazor (& maybe Dylan too (unfortunately he didn't made it)).

1h40 minutes before the event, Decado asked me if I was still up for it in 40 minutes or 1h40 (I know it's quite difficult to know the time with all those time-zones & summer/winter-times). I told him 40min was just fine for me, but if he wanted to start when we discussed before, then it still was 1h40 away. Before we started I took a short nap.

Then it was time.

It was great to finally hear the voices of the 2 big DBT bosses.

They probably will say that I can't drive in this game (True - Decado), but that is just because I had to learn how to drive those cars... Normally I use "Ctrl" to steer to the left, "Alt" to steer to the right. But in this game, it is not the case, I needed to use my mouse to steer... Looking is where you going in this game (when you are in the car).

Maybe they will agree with me, maybe not, but actually I'm a kind of a scary cat (afraid). I'm getting scared very fast . Not knowing what will happen.

Anyway, I had a blast of a time with them, and I hope that we will do it again soon, and maybe this time with Dylan too.

Tiny Tina & HAWP

So Fillip, Dylan and I all love the pants off of Ashly Burch and her portrayal of Tiny Tina. If you haven't met Tiny Tina yet, or don't play Borderlands 2, you have to check out this video montage of her scenes:

Once you've watched that you REALLY need to check out the youtube channel of Ash & Anthony to watch at least a couple of their sketches. Each one is about a different game and is only 2-3 minutes long: http://www.youtube.com/user/HAWPOfficial

Only a short blog this time around, hopefully next time we have more stories for you guys and more stuff to announce

Iain & The DBTech Gaming Team
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Updated 4th October 2012 at 13:26 by Belazor

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  1. Valcav's Avatar
    those sketches are just to funny
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  2. Dylan's Avatar
    and in case you guys were wondering, the girl voicing the character is a college graduate, she's not really a 13 year old girl, so you don't have to worry about the game makers subjecting a young child to talking about her "fine ass womens badonkadonks"
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