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DBSEO Special Offer & Release Candidate 2, Classifieds RC3, Postbit Tabs v1.1.0

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Hello Dragons!

We have a 20% discount on DBSEO as this week's special offer. The updates this week consist of DragonByte SEO Release Candidate 2, DragonByte Classifieds Release Candidate 3, and Postbit Tabs v1.1.0.



We have now updated our product information page for DragonByte SEO to indicate what features will be available in the Lite version and what features will be exclusive to customers who purchase the Pro version.

Advanced functionality such as Content-Aware SEO Titles, Custom Sitemap URLs and Customisable URL Formats will be exclusive to Pro.

The Lite version will maintain the ability to choose between the default URL formats, as well as generating sitemaps for all supported URLs, for FREE.

To see the full list of Lite/Pro features, check out the DragonByte SEO product information page.

We anticipate launching the Lite version in the next few weeks, when DragonByte SEO goes Gold.

In other news, some of you you may have noticed already that it is now possible to reply directly to thread subscription emails.

If you are subscribed to a thread, there is a new "REPLY ABOVE THIS LINE" part in the message body, and a new identifier added to the message title.

Together, these pieces of information allows our back-end system to automatically check a dedicated email address for new replies, and add them as posts to the thread in question.

Next time you post a question or a bug, but you need to leave, try subscribing to the thread to allow yourself to stay up to date on your support ticket on-the-go without the need for a separate app.


DragonByte SEO v1.0.0 Release Candidate 2 (Open Beta) has been released. This version fixes all reported issues, as well as adding the option of controlling what usergroups can access the newly added Social Sharing buttons. Among the fixes is a fix for the "Go To New Post" URLs displaying the wrong page if the new post was the first post on a new page, fixes for the vertical display styles for the Social Sharing buttons, and a fix for the vB4 Friendly URLs not redirecting to their new DBSEO formats.
In total, over half a dozen fixes and changes have been implemented.
Read the full details here.

DragonByte Classifieds v1.0.0 Release Candidate 3 (Open Beta) has been released. This version improves the seller's fee handling to display all a seller's fees, adds a new setting to let seller create their start time based on their end time and the length of the listing, and improves the search engine.
Read the full details here.

Postbit Tabs v1.1.0 has been released, adding automatic integration with all third party mods' postbit displays. The mod will now automatically detect when you install a new modification that runs code in the postbit, and "listen" for any new code added to the postbit templates by these mods.
If you enable the automatically created View, Postbit Tabs will automatically remove that mod's postbit template code, allowing you to reposition and reorder them like you would any other View.
Read the full details here.

Special Offers

This week's special offer is 20% Off new and upgraded licenses of DragonByte SEO. This will be the last pre-release sale of DragonByte SEO, so if you want the Pro-only features, now is the perfect time to buy it! Enter DBSEO20 in the Coupon Code box during checkout to receive your discount.

What's Going On

@Belazor is working on making DragonByte SEO ready for Gold
@Dylan is working on a secret project.
@bszopi is on a general leave of absence
@Mokonzi is working on making DragonByte Classifieds ready for Gold
@the-danzor is working on vB5 skins

Coming Soon

DragonByte SEO Gold in the coming weeks
Classifieds Gold in the coming weeks
Secret project in the next few months
More Focus Group Surveys & Prizes
Several more vB5 Ports in the coming months

Belazor's Corner

DBSEO Gold is fast approaching, we're pretty much in full-on bugfix mode right now. We're starting to see some of the more obscure issues fall to the might of Thor's hammer (or should that be Thor's keyboard?), which is quite invigorating to see.

In unrelated news, we'll be implementing some pretty major changes to the website over the next couple weeks, the first of which is the ability to reply to threads via email, as discussed in the Announcements section.

This is just the first of multiple steps we intend to take in order to make your experience at DragonByte Tech better, so stay tuned for further improvements!

Thanks for reading,

Iain & The DBTech Team
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  1. Alan_SP's Avatar
    Great news this week. Congratulations.

    It's a great idea to be able to reply via email.

    And I checked DBSEO, you really give a lot in free version.
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  2. Recep Balta's Avatar
    Does it have Turkish language support ? Not in the interface, but as SEOwise. Beceasue we have special rules for some turkish letters like ğ,,ş,ı,,.
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  3. Belazor's Avatar
    If they are stored in your database as UTF-8 characters and not HTML Entities, they should work fine. For instance, the last letter of the Norwegian alphabet can be represented as the character , or &#0229 (a "HTML Entity").

    If your database saves Turkish characters as HTML Entities, I believe they're not supported at this time. If they are saved as actual characters, then it should work fine if you customise the "Non-Latin Characters" setting
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