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DBSEO & DB Classifieds go GOLD & 5 other releases

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Hello Dragons!



We are happy to announce the release of DragonByte SEO GOLD. We deliberately went with an extra-long beta period with this mod due to its complexity and the variance it will run into based on different set ups. At this point we're confident that any global issues are now resolved and we will be working closely with customers to ensure it works properly on their configurations; if it doesn't, we will give a full refund.

Onto the details. If you don't know already, DBSEO is designed for both forums switching from the now-defunct vBSEO, and also for forums that just need a boost in their search engine rankings. Our long beta period gave us quite a bit of data to work with, and the reports we've received back are that DBSEO is marginally quicker than vBSEO, and also marginally more effective in terms of improving search engine ranking, while being significantly better at helping search engines to index pages.

The full feature list is far too long to include in this blog, but you can read it here.

We will be having an extended Gold period with DBSEO to ensure we can give all of our clients one to one attention if they need any help in setting DBSEO up to run as smoothly and effectively as possible on their forums. As a result, there will not be a lite version released alongside the gold version, which is our usual policy. There will eventually be a lite version of DBSEO, but not until we're utterly certain that we can provide lite users with the level of support we pride ourselves on.

We're also proud to announce the gold release of DragonByte Classifieds, which IS accompanied by a lite version. DragonByte Classifieds is the ideal mod for any forum that wants to facilitate selling between members, with various auction and selling options designed to make the experience as simple as possible. It's a huge mod, and has spent months in beta having features added every week, so check out the entire list here, including the lite breakdown.


DragonByte SEO v1.0.0 Gold has been released. This version fixes three bugs reported during the final week of Open Beta.
Read the full details here.

DragonByte Classifieds v1.0.0 Gold & Lite has been released. This version fixes a couple of outstanding bugs reported in the final week of Open Beta.
Read the full details here.

DragonByte Gallery v1.3.0 has been released, adding DragonByte SEO integration for most Gallery-powered pages. Currently supported: Gallery Main Page, Category, Image List, Album, View Image, View User, User Album List.
Read the full details here.

DragonByte Reviews v1.0.6 has been released, adding DragonByte SEO integration for most Reviews-powered pages. Currently supported: Reviews Main Page, Category, Review List, View Review.
Read the full details here.

Advanced User Tagging v3.1.0 has been released. The Lite version gets ignore list support to stop notifications from users on members' ignore lists, whereas the Pro version gains the ability to prevent disabled actions from displaying in the UserCP settings page.
Read the full details here.

Advanced Post Thanks / Like v3.2.0 has been released. The Lite version gains button statistics privacy with buttons that are only active in hidden forums no longer displaying on the Statistics screen. The Pro version gains a powerful Prune tool for removing button click entries from either a specific user, or all users.
Read the full details here.

vBDonate v1.4.5 Patch Level 3 has been released. This version fixes an issue with a "missing file" PHP error as well as a MySQL database error.
Read the full details here.

What's Going On

@Belazor is working on the Lite version of DragonByte SEO & future DragonByte SEO updates
@Dylan is working on a secret project.
@bszopi is on a general leave of absence
@Mokonzi is working on future DragonByte Classifieds updates
@the-danzor is working on vB5 skins

Coming Soon

DragonByte SEO Lite in the coming weeks
More Focus Group Surveys & Prizes
Several more vB5 Ports in the coming months

Decado's Corner

Been a while since I done one of these! Hopefully you guys are as excited about DBSEO and classifieds as I am. DBSEO was one of those fun mods that I got to throw myself into the research side of, as did @Belazor. Classifieds is @Mokonzi's baby, and it's really his coming-of-age mod, it's significantly larger and better than anything he's done before, and we're all extremely proud of how well it's turned out. Please do let him know if you like the mod; he deserves the praise.

Over the next few weeks I'll probably reach out to some of you to find out what direction you would like to see DBTech head in next, if you're interested in being part of that, PM me and let me know.

Beyond that, some of you may remember I had bilateral Achilles surgery in March. I've gone from spending a full 8 weeks in casts unable to walk at all, to jogging and deadlifting over 300lbs thanks to some personal training at Hillington Park Gym. I still have a long way to go, but I'm noticing big leaps in what I'm able to accomplish on a week to week basis now.

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions and comments below! Cheers.

Thanks for reading,

Iain & The DBTech Team
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  1. Recep Balta's Avatar
    I could not get an answer to my question. Does it have Turkish Import support. I have special characters set for replacement.
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  2. Belazor's Avatar
    If they are stored in your database as UTF-8 characters and not HTML Entities, they should work fine. For instance, the last letter of the Norwegian alphabet can be represented as the character , or &#0229 (a "HTML Entity").

    If your database saves Turkish characters as HTML Entities, I believe they're not supported at this time. If they are saved as actual characters, then it should work fine if you customise the "Non-Latin Characters" setting
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