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XenForo Shop Update, XF Shout & DragonByte SEO Bugfixes, 2FA Update

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Hello Dragons!


This week we have updates for XenForo DragonByte Shop, XenForo DragonByte Shout, DragonByte SEO as well as Two-Factor Authentication!

DragonByte Classifieds v2 Closed Beta

A short while ago, we released DragonByte Classifieds Version 2. The product has reached Beta stage and is being opened up to selected users who are able to provide testing before we make the Beta public in the next few weeks.

User Shops: An often requested feature, User Shops allows users to create their own shops and then choose as to whether to sell their items as part of their shop or as an individual user. It also includes a store home page that can be customized and allows users to pick their own shop logos to display.

New Listing Types: Several new Listing Types have been added, including Exchange and Freebies. Exchange listings allow users to offer an Exchange of items, while Freebies allows users to give a way an item as they want to.

Shopping Cart: The shopping cart is for Buy-it-Now listings letting users add items directly to a cart and then check them out later, creating just one transaction with each seller.

To see the full list of changes and for instructions on how to apply for the Closed Beta of v2, click here: DragonByte Classifieds v2.0.0 Closed Beta 1 Released!


DragonByte Shop v4.0.0 Beta 3 has been released, adding two new item types as well as User-Created Shops & Items. Read the full details here.

DragonByte Shout v7.0.0 Release Candidate 4 has been released, fixing an issue introduced by the framework changes in RC3. Read the full details here.

DragonByte SEO v2.0.29 has been released, fixing an issue with embedded video. Read the release notes here.

Two-Factor Authentication v1.0.3 has been released, with under-the-hood changes to improve security and compatibility with other mods. Read the full details here.

What's Going On

@Belazor is working on DragonByte SEO and other week-to-week projects
@Dylan is working on an internal development project.
@bszopi is on a general leave of absence
@Mokonzi is working on Classifieds and vBDonate updates
@Pandemikk is working on Advanced Registration updates

Coming Soon

DragonByte SEO updates in the coming weeks
Classifieds major update
vBDonate for vB4 major update
Advanced Registration for vB4 major update

Belazor's Corner

If you're thinking of switching to XenForo, feel free to let us know what products you would like to see us port over!

We're very excited to be a part of the xenForo community, and we hope that those of you who have already switched will get on board with our product releases as they happen!

Thanks for reading,

Iain & The DBTech Team
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    I really like http://www.dragonbyte-tech.com/store...t-thanks-like/
    ported to xenforo
    replacing xenforo default like system....
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    in phong bi Ha Noi gia re tai Cong ty dich thuat Hong Linh
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