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Huge vBDownloads update & Rewrite, Survey results, Advanced Censorship update & more

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DBTech News

First up is the release of vBDownloads v1.4 - this is a complete re-write of vBDownloads by @Belazor (it was originally coded by a former developer, David). This update should fix all existing bugs and speed up/optimize the mod. v1.4 brings 12 feature improvements, 17 changes and 6 fixes. Read all about the release here. To celebrate we are offering a 14% discount on Downloads v1.4 for the next week, simply enter the code Downloads14 in the coupon code box to receive the discount.

Also released this week was Advanced Censor Options v1.0.1 which brings a couple of fixes to the impressive free modification. Read about the update here.

In other news we have updated our FAQ page, it now contains details on our custom services, loyalty points, vB5, license lengths and more. You can (and should) check it out here.

Survey Results:

Here are the preliminary results of our recent survey -
98% of customers would recommend to a friend
95% of customers would buy from DBTech again
88% of customers rate DragonByte Tech as the best vBulletin modification company

Our average rating for support quality is 8.4/10
Our average rating for product quality is 8.6/10
Our average rating for listening to customers is 8.2/10

We will be compiling a full report on the survey in future - including a note of the queries and issues brought up that we plan to address. For the moment we are hopeful that more of you will take a couple of minutes out of your day to answer the questionnaire to help us improve our products and service. You can take the survey here: http://www.dragonbyte-tech.com/misc....vey&surveyid=2 Thanks again to all of you who have taken the time to participate - it is appreciated.

What's Going On

@Belazor is working on a vBDownloads vB5 port.
@Dylan is continuing work on his new mod.
@Darkwaltz4 is continuing work on vBArcade for #vB5
@Ozzy47 is working on an unannounced mod
@bszopi is on a general leave of absence
@Mokonzi is working on a vB5 port of one of his mods
@the-danzor is making a new layout for DBTech

Coming Soon

Gallery-complementing mod in the next few months
vBDonate vB5 Gold in the next few weeks
vBDownloads for vB5 in the next month or so
Several more vB5 Ports in the coming months

Decado's Corner

First off I want to say a big thank you to everyone who took the time to fill out the survey - from those of you who received the initial batch and whose feedback gave me the confidence in the questions asked to send it out to a wider audience, to those of you who gave us feedback we are using to improve our service going forward.

The most common bit of feedback so far is that you guys would like to see faster turnaround times on mod updates - vB5 is getting slightly in the way of that just now (time I would usually have to play with in the schedule to do quick updates is being taken up by vB5 porting) but in the near term I hope to re-design the way we approach updates to get them fired out quicker and more often to you guys.

I'd appreciate it if you guys could give me your feedback on the new FAQ page here as well - we've made it more relevant and i re-wrote it from the ground up. Hopefully it's more useful now - if there are any questions you feel should be on there pop them in the comments!

I'm considering doing a new weekly blog on Mondays about improving your forum. It would alternate between me taking a general view of ways people can improve their forum - tips on retaining members, monetizing your forum, pitfalls to avoid etc and a "Making the most of..." feature, where we talk about things you can do with a specific mod people might not know about, and different ways to utilize it people may not think of. Would you guys be interested in reading something like that?

Something else I am considering is a personal follow up a week or so after each customers first purchase - basically a personal PM or email from myself just asking how you are getting on with the product(s), if you are having any issues, if you have any feedback etc. Do you guys feel that would have been something you would have appreciated,

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to your comments about the FAQ, the survey and everything in between!

Iain & The DBTech Team
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  1. CharlieDelta's Avatar
    I would love to hear what you have to say on improving forums. The more I can learn the better. I think that is a terrific idea Iain and I would be your first subscriber to the Monday blog.
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