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  1. Improving Your Site: vBAvatars

    vBAvatars is a mod designed to allow users to construct a personalised "persona" for themselves and set it as their forum avatar. With the ability to sell individual body parts, users have a wide range of customisation options that help them create an avatar that most represent themselves (or who they want to be).

    Allow Non-Staff Management Powers
    This mod is heavily based on graphics, obviously. We recognised that not every forum wishes to have their artists able to ...
  2. Improving Your Site: Forum Live Feed & User Wall

    Forum Live Feed & User Wall ("Live Wall" for short) is a mod designed to provide a live updated feed of the forum's activity, with advanced options for controlling what content from whom is displayed both on the "forum live feed" and the "user wall".

    Content Types
    A "Content Type" is a source for an entry on the live wall. For instance, "New Posts" lets you control more details for whose posts are displayed on the wall.

    You can turn off the content entirely, ...
  3. Improving Your Site: Postbit Tabs

    Postbit Tabs is a mod that's designed to let you organise your postbit by allowing you to create blocks of code and sort them at will, even organise them under different tabs.
    This can be invaluable for keeping your postbit from growing too large if you have a lot of modifications installed.

    The tabs are your master groups of content, they will be housing all the individual blocks that you want to move around.

    The Pro version lets you configure ...
  4. Improving Your Site: DragonByte vBForms

    DragonByte vBForms is a mod designed to simplify gathering commonly requested information from members when they start a new thread. For instance, the Technical Support forum of a computer enthusiast forum can request members to fill out information regarding their computer systems, or the support section of a software company's forum can request information such as product version and other relevant variables.

    For the purposes of this mod, a Category is a collection ...
  5. Improving Your Site: Advanced User Tagging

    Advanced User Tagging is a mod that can really help your community inspire interaction between its members by giving them several options to alert eachother to things that need their attention.

    To "Mention" someone, simply type @ and then their user name. So for instance, @Belazor would mention a member called Belazor.
    The mention will be converted into a link to their profile, an entry will be added to their profile, and they will receive either an email ...

    Updated 19th March 2013 at 21:20 by Belazor

    Site Improvement Blogs
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