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  1. Improving Your Site: vBSuper PM's

    vBSuper Pm's is a complete private message management system. Allowing Site administrators the ability to enhance their members PM's.

    Major Features

    Attachments in PM's (Pro)
    You can allow your members the ability to upload attachments in private messages, based on usergroups.

    PM Auto Responder
    Admins can allow their members, based on usergroups, to set a auto response to pm's they receive if they wish. Users can set a start and ...
  2. Improving Your Site: Username Change

    Username Change is a mod designed to allow your users to easily change their usernames, with options for limiting the frequency of which they can change it. Coupled with a username history feature as well as adhering to vBulletin's username rules as defined by you, Username Change is a simple but powerful mod.

    Username Change Delay
    You may want to restrict how frequently users can change their usernames, in order to ensure that new members who are still learning who's ...
  3. Improving Your Site: vBDownloads

    vBDownloads is a mod designed to allow you or your users to host files on your server, sharing them with the world or just your community. Featuring a modern, AJAX-based uploader as well as many customisation features for both admins and users, vBDownloads is one of the most powerful forum-integrated download scripts.

    Add New / Modify File Extensions
    You may want to restrict what type of files your users can upload, or simply edit the maximum dimensions of images uploaded. ...
  4. Improving Your Site: AJAX Threads

    AJAX Threads is a mod designed to make threads update in real-time, negating the need to refresh the page in order to see new posts. The inserted posts are also fully compatible with all vBulletin features like Quick Edit and anything else that works through a normal "quick reply" post.

    Selectively Disable - Per Category/Forum
    You may have certain forums that you don't want automatically refreshed threads in, such as a spam forum. The mod enables you to selectively ...
  5. Improving Your Site: vBSignatures

    vBSignatures is a mod designed to allow users to construct a stylish signature for themselves and set it as their forum signature. With the ability to sell individual signature parts, users have a wide range of customisation options that help them create a signature that they like.

    (Pro) Integrating With Other Points Mods
    The built-in points system in vBSignatures is limited (by design) to posts and threads. Your forum most likely has another points system like vBCredits ...
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